Looking Back at 2015

I can’t believe that 2015 is over – Christmas has come and gone and already we are into February. What freaks me out even more is that we are already eating Hot Cross Buns – In FEBRUARY!! God help us all!! The Easter eggs are already making their way onto the shelves in the supermarket and I’m just coming to terms with another new year – please don’t make me feel like it is already April!!  It seems just like the other day that we had just finished our annual camping trip to Barwon Heads (below) – you know the place where the cute coffee boys were?? But that was December 2014 – a lifetime ago or more exactly two Christmases ago, two rounds of hot cross buns ago, two school year starts ago, many family birthdays and thousands (not exaggerating) of cups of coffee ago (none of which have been as good as the cute coffee boys coffee or served by anyone nearly as cute!!). In other words – a long time ago!

Barwon heads collage

Now it’s a whole year and a bit later and the summer holidays are over. We didn’t get to have our annual camping holiday at the beginning of December as Ethan and Hubby visited his Dad, who is very unwell, in the UK. This is something we know was important – a moment that will be remembered in the future and he will be glad he undertook even though the circumstances were not ideal. They headed from boiling summer temperatures into freezing winter so it was a shock to the system. He  also got to see his sister whom he hadn’t seen in 17 years so Hubby was very excited about that.

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So what happened during last year??

Well…. a lot actually!!

For me it was a year of personal accomplishment like none other. I managed to publish two novels in a year and the third book in the trilogy (which I feel may become a series as a fourth book is growing in my mind daily) is complete and being edited ready to be printed in 2016. I have to admit this has been a dream come true for me and although I have yet to make a penny on any of my books or see a royalty cheque (although I got my first royalty cheque for some articles I wrote a while back) , I still feel so satisfied and proud of my efforts. I have this deep sense of contentment and joy that I have found through writing. If you want to know more about my endeavours check out my website Caroline Hemingway

Hubby also had a slightly different year – taking on more practical subjects to teach last year instead of all the Maths and Science and it had been so enjoyable that he has decided to focus entirely on Design Technology this year which is a blessing in disguise as many teachers were retrenched and with too many Maths,Science teachers his head could have been on the chopping block. Now he gets to teach what he loves and his job is safe!

The kids continue to grow in leaps and bounds – our “baby” Aaron is in grade 4 and our eldest, Michaela, finishes the last year of her Nursing/ Midwifery degrees. Zoe is in year 11 and  Ethan is sitting an exam shortly to become a Protective Service Officer with the Victoria Police (yes the long hair will have to go). I must say I am loving having adult children – it is a new season in our relationships with them as parents and also getting to know their partners better.

Here is a sneak peek of what they have grown into:

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Our two little boys in foster care are growing so fast too. For more on that journey go to my blog Sweet Hope Chronicles .

So as we race into this year I hope to finish some projects that have been on the back-burner for a while – I am looking forward to getting some articles out there and some more books finished, having fun and enjoying the journey – I want to take time to smell the roses and enjoy life – to live in the moment this year and to look for the positive in everything – to drink wine and coffee (not necessarily in that order), enjoy family and friends, create and grow and savour it all. It’s going to be a fabulous year. I’m off now to enjoy a cup of tea and a February hot cross bun xx

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