I can Ride…. Without Training Wheels….

You know the little things you accomplish in life, that make you feel as though you have conquered Mount Everest even when others around you may not find it such a monumental big deal or they may not even get excited for you when to you it is as though your greatest dreams and achievements have been attained. Like when you learn to ride your bike without the little training wheels – a WOW moment!! I have been watching Hamilton teach little Zeke ( our 4 year old foster child) how to balance and ride his bike. Just when I thought we would never get there, he did it and was so proud of his feat. It reminded me how exciting things can be in our lives – sometimes we may be the only people who are actually excited about it and to others it is just BLAH, WHATEVER!


I have had a few of these moments over the last year with my writing. I know that some people comment and wish me well with my books but and I do truly appreciate it, but I’m also aware it is the right response to give someone when they achieve something – heck I’ve done it to others and yet I have no intention of ever reading or really appreciating what they have accomplished. We’ve all been there. Then there are some who absolutely support you and shout out your praises because they want you to be successful, to back you and encourage you. Sometimes it’s the people we least expect who are the ones who retweet, who share on their Facebook pages, who actually help you to market your product because they believe in you.

I have just completed my second novel (The Reckoning – Book 2 in The Destiny Chronicles) and recently published it and for me this has been a big deal!! I realize that for others it is arbitrary but boy I feel like that kid who learned to ride without the training wheels and I feel excited at what I’ve accomplished. Do I think my writing is awesome? No, I’m not deluded enough to believe that I have the most incredible writing style, but I do think I can write an enjoyable story that others may enjoy too. I thought I wouldn’t feel as much of a rush as when I  published my first novel, but this high of seeing your book in print and holding it in your hands and actually turning the pages and seeing your characters on the page in front of you is an indescribable feeling. So I am delighted to say that writing has become my drug of choice – my passion and therapy in a crazy world. I am so grateful for this journey I am on, for the people who have supported me and promoted my books, for those who took the time to write a short review – all these things go a long way in marketing and helping others to discover my stories. To find out more about my journey and what I am working on visit my website at Caroline Hemingway, Author,blogger and lover of the written word.

In the meantime take life as it comes and make it your adventure, your Everest that you conquer, your joyful appreciation of not only your own accomplishments but of others successes as well – and get out there and ride your bike – minus the training wheels!!


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