Bird Watch

We have seen some amazing birds since moving to Melbourne so I have decided to make a list. I have seen more than I have put on this page, but because I haven’t identified them all yet I haven’t listed them all.

1. Galah   – I enjoy these birds so much – they are really pretty with their pink and grey plummage and they have such character!!

2. Rainbow Lorikeet

3. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

4. Swamphen – this bird reminds me of the Pukeko in New Zealand.

5. Australian White Ibis

6. Common Mynah

7. Crested Pigeon

8. Laughing Kookaburra

9.  Superb Lyrebird

10.Black Necked  stork

11. King Parrot

12. Eastern Rosella

13 Black Raven

14. Australian Magpie

15. Starling

16. Mallard Duck

17. seagulls

18.  Dusky Moorhen

19. Common Bronzewing

20. Black Swan

21. House Sparrow

22. Noisy Miner

23. Straw Necked Ibis

24. Willie Wagtail

25. Magpie lark

26. Red Wattlebird

27. Long Billed Corella

28. Musk Duck (Rather a strange looking male!!)

29. Australian Wood Duck

30. Spotted Laughing Dove

31. Crimson Rosella

32. King Parrot

33. Common Bronzewing

This was the prettiest pigeon I have ever seen!!



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