Floaty Cloud on a Windy Day

It has been a crazy few months and I have been pounding my laptop computer writing frantically – that is writing everywhere except here on my poor blog. I am not very good at starting and finishing ONE project. You see I just have too many ideas and when an idea strikes I have to begin working on it before it wafts out of my brain like a floaty cloud on a windy day (yep my ideas literally come and go that fast!!) – So that leaves me trying to complete many projects at once. Right now I have some deadlines I have set for myself – I have to get Book 2 of The Destiny Chronicles published by early October at the latest. So I am on the last leg – I order my proof copy and then as soon as I have checked it out can get it published. In the meantime I am three-quarters of the way through writing Book 3 of the series, I am halfway through illustrating a children’s storybook, I am almost finished a book for women dealing with self-esteem issues and finding yourself and I am almost done with a writing therapy course I hope to put online soon. YEP I did say I think too much!!

As I type it, it sounds like a crazy amount of work on top of a family with 6 kids, and it is; but the honest truth is that I love writing – it is my place of escape and relaxation – it truly is not work to me. I feel like I have had an hour long session with a therapist when I am done, and the best part is that it is free. That is why I have devised this writing course as I want others to experience the joy writing can bring.

I have also just made a little video promotion of my books that I have put on Youtube. Who knew making a small video clip could be SO time consuming!! Anyway I am satisfied with the outcome. I have popped it below for you to have a looksee.

Otherwise things are going well on the homefront. School ends on Friday and a two week vacation begins. I am loving the sunny Spring weather we are having – I didn’t realize how sun-starved I was till this week when we had warmer weather. We celebrated Kel’s 2nd birthday this last weekend (I will write a separate post on Sweet Hope Chronicles about where the boys are at). I also completed my 50th parkrun on the weekend. Anyone who knows me will be super impressed with this, as I have always claimed that I loathed running – well I have surprised myself at how much I enjoy this weekly 5km community run.


A friend of mine has entered me into an event in November called Mudderella. Yep it is exactly what it sounds like – lots of MUD!! It is a 10km obstacle course that requires our team of 15 women to complete the course together climbing over obstacles, balancing and swimming through mud, water, and a large slide as well as other interesting things. I know I am going to be aching the day after – how do I get myself into these things? Anyway should be fun.

Hopefully I will have a lot more to post on next time – when we have ventured out into the spring sunshine during the holidays. Till then, SEE YA LATER MATE, as they say here (Downunder).


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