Mashed Potato/ Scrambled Egg Brains

I pride myself on my incredible brain! No seriously, this brain has been able to act as a virtual diary for over thirty years – I have hardly EVER used an actual diary. I have remembered appointments, playdates, birthdays, anniversaries, telephone numbers, the credit card and bank numbers – you name it – it’s all been stored up in this little grey box inside my head. So this week I have been horrified to realize that I have probably crammed too much info into it and it is about to crash like an old computer!! There’s a short somewhere because it hasn’t worked too well this week.

I feel like this brain has become mashed potato or scrambled egg. YIKES – not good!!

This week I managed to forget a parent/teacher school interview for one of the kids ( had to write an apology letter eating humble pie but teach is still talking to me so all good!)

Then a day later I forgot to pick up one of the kids from school!! YES, actually forgot to do something I do DAILY!!! Admittedly she does finish school early on a Wednesday now which is a new thing so I could say I’m still adapting, but REALLY, forgetting your own kid – a bit sad!! Did I mention that it was pouring with rain and her text message crying for help left me feeling guilty – and even more guilty when she climbed into the car dripping and shivering. I felt so bad that I even crumbled without a fight when she asked me if she could wag school today to catch up work as it is swimming carnival and she’s not swimming. A few other things I have forgotten of late – to hand over a parcel to someone that has been sitting on my counter for two weeks, to hang up washing so had to redo it.

I know you probably think I am a hopeless case reading this, but to be fair there are other things I thankfully haven’t forgotten like remembering to put on  underwear, feeding the family, my name and where I live to mention a few. Seriously though, I have had my mind on other things. I am flying to South Africa in July to see my family – nine years since I saw them last so I am beyond excited.

I plan to pack most of my luggage full of my books and I’m hoping to have Book 3 printed to take as well so I have been spending large amounts of time living in my story, getting it ready to publish. I get a bit lost when I am working to a book deadline and so things sometimes get lost along the way. I know it won’t be forever – just until I start my next book. In the meantime, thank you family for putting up with my scrambled thoughts – let’s hope the mothership finds its way back to earth sometime soon!



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