Shopping, gardening and more…

I have been having computer problems over the last week and so not much time has been spent blogging as a result. Hubby flew out to India yesterday for a ten day outreach and visit to an orphanage that our church supports – I miss him already. I can’t believe that we spent over two months apart at the beginning of last year – how did we do it?? To get my mind off it a friend took Michaela and I out to IKEA today – what a cool shop. For those of you who know IKEA well, you will know what I mean when I say that I had a home decor sensory overload today. The store was so huge that we had to stop halfway and have a coffee for energy. I love how they display their furniture in rooms or areas so that you get a picture of how it looks.

Don’t you just love this light fitting??

I bought a few items that were practical. I spotted a lovely red and white duvet cover for Zoe on sale, but unfortunately all the single sizes were finished, so that didn’t help. I bought some really cheap dish towels (50c) that I plan to make into cushions. I was so surprised at how reasonably priced their furniture was – another trip is definitely on the cards sometime!!

I have finally found a bed on ebay as well. I bought this bed for $40 and hubby put it all together for me before he left – what a sweetie he is!! It is so nice having a good bed again with a headboard to lean on. I am busy rearranging my bedroom so will post photos when it is done.

We have had so much rain of late – major flooding across Australia and a bit in Victoria where we stay, but our kitchen garden has taken off. Won’t be long and we will be eating lettuce and tomatoes, spinach and other yummy things. Aaron takes his watering chore very seriously!!

Unfortunately the weeds seem to have grown just as fast as our veggies so I will need to get stuck into the garden this week. I have decided that this week is my week to get busy and complete some creative tasks that I have been ignoring. More about that later. Have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Shopping, gardening and more…

  1. Elaine

    Envy your lettuce, mine were a disaster but wish you could see our pumpkin!
    Know what you mean about IKEA. I was in the one in Orebro, Sweden, last year, – enormous, fantastic, addictive, and too, too tempting. It was good I had no money and no baggage space!

  2. Amber

    Love IKEA! Love the new bed! And so jealous of the gardening you’re doing. There’s none of that going on here with all the snow and frigid temperatures!


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