A year today…

This time last year we arrived on the shores of Australia – I can’t believe we have been here one year already. In that time we have seen God’s favour on us, been blessed   beyond measure, had our lives restored and discovered freedom as His children. What a great year it has been. Hubby is not here today – he is in India with a team from our church ministering to villages and praying for the sick and broken. This was a dream of ours when we came here and in one year God has made this a reality for us. He is preaching tonight at a crusade and so we are trusting for many to receive Jesus as their Saviour and to experience God’s love and power. We also work with an orphanage in Guntur where we help to sow finance and where we go and bless the children and share God’s love with them. Finally I feel as though we are making a little dent in helping the needy – I can’t wait for my turn to go!!

At the orphanage with all the kids.

Two  of the youth praying for the sick.

First night at the crusade.

Hubby looking a bit jet-lagged.

Hubby catching up with friends who now live in India.


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