Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Our lunch for Aaron’s birthday today went off very well. As I mentioned in previous posts I was making him a Lightning Mcqueen birthday cake. I was very limited in the utensils I had – no icing/ piping bag and I was very short of time to ice it as we had to rush off to church this morning. I got up at 6:30am so as to give myself enough time. I made a chocolate cake yesterday and then wrapped it in aluminium foil and put it in the freezer overnight. This is so that when I came to shape and cut the cake this morning it would not crumble or be hard to ice.

First I cut out my basic shape and spread a thin layer of butter icing over it.

Then I covered the rest of the cake in red icing – this was a bit disappointing because the colouring said pillarbox red on it but it looked more pinky red to me. Anyway I didn’t have time on my side to worry too much.

Then I put the wheels on – oreo cookies make amazing wheels as they are black and a good size. Then I put a 56 on the roof of the car and I used baking paper to make the windows (simply due to a lack of time). I put two black icing eyes on the window and a big smile on his face. Finally I added a lightning bolt down the side. Although this was not an exact replica of Lightning Mcqueen, Aaron was delighted with it and thought it was great. All in all a good day.


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