Birthday Tea Parties

Today Zoe went to a friend’s birthday party. It had an Alice in Wonderland theme and the children had to dress as one of the characters . Zoe went as the Cheshire Cat – I didn’t take photos as we were running so late, but I regret not having my camera handy – the set up at the party was magical. I heard a parent commenting that it raises the bar so high for everyone else when kids have these awesome parties. I don’t feel pressured to have perfect parties for my kids – but I did love what I saw. The cake was the size of a 3 tier wedding cake and was the mad hatters hat. The pathway to the house had coloured parasols in the garden. There was a big square table covered with a white cloth that had china tea cups and plates and the table was decorated with teapots full of flowers and other interesting things. The one teapot had a little dormouse peeping out. Ooh, I am so mad I didn’t have my camera – I can’t describe it well enough. The chairs were covered with netting that had flowers at the back to hold it in place and above the table was a number of colourful paper lampshades. It really was a little girls dream tea party. Here are some images that I have found that are inspiring.

The one thing I am always on the lookout for when I go to Op Shops is pretty china teacups. I want to get about 8 – 10 different cups so that I can serve tea to friends in a unique way.

And now my challenge is to tackle  Aaron’s birthday cake – we are having some friends over for a finger lunch tomorrow to celebrate and have some fun. I will post some photos when it is done.


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