Thomas Tank Birthday Cake and Birthday Boy

 aaron birthday montage 2

I am undertaking one of my most ambitious birthday cakes yet!! A2 is about to turn 3 and he loves Thomas the Tank Engine so I am determined to make a Thomas cake. This is going to be good. I have found some step by step instructions but this has to be done a good few days in advance so I am going to blog as I go along and post at the end. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be one of those birthday cakes that you spend so much time creating, that you resent the poor kids when they dive in and eat it. No, I will just have to be gracious no matter what!!!

I am making  a simple butter cake in my roasting pan and then dividing it into three equal parts, and then turning  it into a Thomas cake.

Because I got so involved in the actual process of making this cake for A3’s birthday (yes he’s officially 3 now) I forgot to take my initial photos for this blog. I only realized this once I had cut up my cake and glued it together with butter icing. One tip that worked really well though, was baking the cake a day in advance and freezing it overnight. This enabled me to cut and shape the cake the way I wanted it easily and without the cake falling apart on me. It was also easier to ice this way as well.


Next I covered the whole cake in the leftover icing as a base before icing with the colour I wanted.


Then I began to ice the cake with the coloured icing, using blue first and then black icing.




If I was really professional I would have made face for Thomas out of ready made icing, but I didn’t have time so I just painted a face onto card for Thomas’ face.


Then I put the face on, added wheels by sticking oreo biscuits down the side and I added some stripes and the number 1 to Thomas’ side. This is how it ended up.




The little guy loved his cake!!! As a mum, I love it when my kids are happy!!

Aaron Birthday montage1


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