E12 and a friend of his decided to participate in the World Vision 40 hour famine. They decided to do a famine where they had to survive for 40 hours by making their own shelter to live. So they duly found fern fronds and branches from trees and made a shelter under our outdoor gazebo to sleep in for two nights. I was the one who insisted that their shelter had to be on solid, dry ground as winter has come early here and it has been rainy and cold. They really worked hard and made a great little shelter. They stayed out both nights, although I doubt they got much sleep as they both admitted it was fun, but freezing!!! Anyway I am very proud of my son for sticking it out and seeing the task through. However, I have a sick boy at home today with a temperature and a sore throat and runny nose – the result of his outdoor adventure!! As a mum, sometimes I struggle to let my boy just be a boy and have adventures without wanting to wrap him in cotton wool – this was one of those times where I had to let him experience this for himself.

EJ & Blazej montage


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