Barwon Heads Holiday

I seem to start every post these days apologizing for my absence so I am not going to say it ….

I thought I would throw in a few snaps of our holiday to Barwon Heads. We had a super time camping alongside the river and beach. I know some people loathe camping but I love how laid-back it is and how time does not matter – especially here in summer when the sun only starts setting at 9:30 pm. We spent the week relaxing, reading, cycling and running, swimming and sunbathing, taking walks and shopping in the quaint little villages and drinking coffee.

Barwon Heads is a small village on the Barwon River that gets packed out during the holiday season. We cheat and take our kids out of school a week before the end of term (as hubby’s school finishes early every year) and go camping before everyone descends on us. We have done this two years in a row and honestly it is the best idea as there are not people camping on top of us. Enjoy the photos.



Barwon heads collage

Barwon heads collage1


Barwon heads collage2


Every morning honey and I would walk to the village and get a coffee from these two cute boys  young men who had quite an innovative little business going. They had converted their beach buggy into a coffee wagon and set up the cutest coffee shop ever. Did I mention they were really cute? my kids were horrified when I told them about the cute coffee boys – my response – “I may be old but I’m not dead – I can still appreciate God’s awesome creation!!” Honey did not mind in the least – he still knows he’s the cutest boy ever in my life. It’s a small world. One of the young men I was flirting chatting with came from South Africa originally and his parents were visiting back there and playing golf in George which is the last place we lived before we immigrated. Had to throw in a photo of the cute boys – then I shall mention them no more!!!

coffee barwon

We also managed to do some shopping while away – there were the most gorgeous gift shops and homeware stores. If I could have salivated I would have (which I didn’t even say about the two cute boys I’m not going to mention again!!) – but really there were some amazing things for sale – just wished I had a huge budget. It gave me some awesome ideas though and since we have been back from holiday we have made a couple of these items ourselves but I will tell you about that another time.

shopping barwon

There were some beautiful nature tracks and cycling tracks which we rode and ran along too. Along the river from our campsite was a paved path that Aaron enjoyed skateboarding along.


All in all we had a fabulous holiday but were glad to leave when we did. The day we packed up 90 caravans were due to roll in for the holidays – we just managed to escape the mad rush. The best part though was that we had just had a weeks break and when we got back the school holidays were just starting – genius I say !!


2 thoughts on “Barwon Heads Holiday

  1. Your Mom

    Never too old to find the ‘boys’ cute = I also like to look at the lovely young men although I am in my dotage!! The young one on the right of the picture looks like Trent. Enjoyed the pics of the beautiful spot you holidayed at.

    1. 4maze Post author

      Always knew I got my good taste in men from you Mom – after all look at Dad – he’s a good looker. We had a great holiday.


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