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IMG_0630   I am delighted to announce that I have officially moved from being a blogger and writer to a published Indie-author. This has been six years in the making and more than anything I am thrilled that I saw this project through to completion. I am the queen of procrastination and starting projects but never finishing them (ask hubby – he’ll tell you!!) so the fact that I have persevered with this dream and completed it alone is a feat. I ordered 25 copies of my book  and they arrived toady  today (see I’m so excited I can’t even spell) but the thing that moved me to tears was my daughter Michaela jumping up and down in delight and hugging me saying “Mum I am so proud of you.” (I’m having another teary moment as I type this). IMG_0626 IMG_0627   So for those of you who don’t know, I have written a short fantasy fiction  novel that is the first in a series of three (unless more inspiration strikes after the third) and it is set in the 17th Century and is the journey of a family through trials and tribulations. Here is the blurb below:

One Family…One Tyrant…One Truth… 

Mackenzie Hamilton and his wife Imogene always did what was expected of them. Leaving their homeland to fulfil the prophecies spoken over them by the Elders of the Clan, they journey to Griswold with their four children. Once so beautiful, mysterious and magical, Griswold slowly turns to a desolate place without joy or hope. There they encounter a power hungry tyrant who rules his people with fear and manipulation. Never in their wildest dreams do they imagine what a threat they pose to his kingdom. When tragedy strikes and all is stripped away, tearing their family apart they have to dig deep to find courage within to take back what is theirs and to discover who they really are. Will the mistakes of their past be their undoing or will their faith in the Great One be enough to conquer an evil that threatens to consume them? 

A novel where tragedy confronts belief and victory depends upon it.


I have learned so much about formatting books and the trials that go with it – trust me my family have seen me wrestling with my word document and learned a few new words from me as I did so. I have done the complete process on my own from start to finish simply by watching a thousand YouTube videos and reading countless articles. I formatted it, designed the cover and obviously wrote the story, then self-published through Createspace. Createspace allows me to sell print books based on demand so there were no costs for me. They distribute my book through various channels – you can see my book here at Amazon both the hard copy and the kindle version.

There is nothing more exciting than holding the book in your hands and feeling the finished product – especially when it has taken a long time to complete. So as a result of feeling so blessed I am giving away three of my books. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and you will be entered into the draw which will take place a week from today. I will write a personal message in each book. In the meantime I am feeling inspired to get the second book finished – the story is down and now the hard part starts – adding, editing, tweaking – and so it goes.

I want to say a big thank you to my family who have cheered me on and believed in me (even when I didn’t believe in myself) and to everyone who has purchased a copy of my book or given me encouragement – it is all so appreciated!


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