A Day at Phillip Island

And here’s part 3 of our discovering Victoria with Mom post. One of the nicest places to visit near us is Phillip Island. It is about an hours drive south to the Western Port Bay. A small town called San Remo has a daily feeding program for the pelicans. We have also seen rays that come in for food although there were none the day we took Mom down (Murphy’s law of course).We did not stay to watch the pelicans being fed because it becomes a bit of a tourist trap but we did get to see them waiting for their food.

San Remo montage


Love these big birds.


Then we crossed the big bridge onto Phillip Island. We headed to Woollamai Beach first for a look and then we went to Nobbies Point. Nobbies Point has a number of penguins that nest on the hillside. Every evening at sunset they come up the hill back to their nesting boxes. We were lucky enough to spot a baby penguin in it’s box from the boardwalk. We also were dive bombed by hundreds of seagulls – quite overwhelming.

The views along the point are magnificent – the sea an amazing colour. There is also a cave that the sea breaks into sending water out like a blowhole. I am happy to report we did not see any snakes – the nastier side of living in Australia! (The one thing I do miss about New Zealand – no snakes!!)

Nobbies montage

The geese in the above picture are amazing and I nearly drove everyone mad trying to get a decent picture. They are called Cape Barren Geese. Their beaks are most unusual- almost parrot looking.

This has to be one of my favourite pictures of Mom.


Then we went to the little village of Cowes and had some of the nicest fish and chips I’ve tasted in a while. What would a trip out without visiting some op shops be? Had to do that too of course.

Cowes montage

All in all we had a great day – the weather held for us and we saw some lovely things, beautiful coastline. Sharing these places with Mom made it even more special.


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