Second Honeymoon

Wow, I have not stopped running since we got back from our time away celebrating our 25 years of marriage. It was so good to get away for four nights even though it required major organisation. We had to put our two foster boys into respite care and organize our own kids. We could have done anything for our time away and I did consider a few luxury options like a cruise, flying to the Gold Coast or Whitsundays, but really spending a fortune for a few days and having absolute luxury is just not us (I know you all think we are MAD!!). If it wasn’t winter we probably would have packed our tent and gone camping. Anyway we settled on a road trip – some of our best memories in our marriage is just being in the car and travelling – talking and sharing our dreams. So that is what we did. We jumped in the car and Hubby had no idea where we were going or staying – I totally surprised him. We headed up to the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales as we had not been that way before and it was beautiful. The beaches were stunning – crystal clear turquoise water and fine white sand. We stayed at a lovely hotel in a place called Huskisson that was a good mix of old world charm and modern comfort and was just us down to a tee. Sleeping in, long walks, eating out and getting to a movie is something we don’t often get to do these days with such a big family so we savoured every moment. We talked future and where we see our business going – a great time away. Thanks to my best friend and hubby – I love you babe – you have made life fun and adventurous – so love your enthusiasm for life and your positive outlook.

Enjoy all the pics

On the road – we saw some beautiful countryside

On the road

 The town of Huskisson where we stayed.

We went to the movies in this quaint little movie house – a converted mechanical institute building. Below  is a photo of our hotel that looked over the river mouth and the bay.



The sunrise and sunsets were magnificent

sunset collage

sunset Huskisson

The best part was the stunning beaches


Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay

Even the kangaroos were romancing at honeymoon bay

honeymoon bay1

Murrays Beach

Murrays Beach

Wreck Bay


We had many laughs trying to take selfies on the trip – some came out great and others were a disaster



honeymoon bay3

Love this man!


Our last night was spent at a unit right on Quarantine Bay

quarantine bay

We had such fun – we travelled through many state forests with our radio blaring and singing at the top of our voices – just because we could!!

On the way home we stopped at this little town called Cobargo. It had art cows all over the town.


Another place we passed through and loved was Lakes Entrance – about a 3 hour drive from home.

Lakes entrance

We loved the pelicans – they were waiting outside a boat restaurant for scraps.

pelicans lakes entrance

All in all we had beautiful weather – not a drop of rain all week which changed of course when we were about an hour from home – back to wintry, rainy Melbourne. The kids seemed pleased to have us home.

photo 1 (3)

We are not waiting another 25 years to do this again – we already have our dream of buying a caravan one day and touring Australia when the kids are gone. I take after my Mum and Dad.


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