Run Baby Run

It has been four weeks since we joined our local Parkrun and I am so surprised to say that I am really enjoying the runs. I have always had a bit of a mental block when it comes to running because I always used to get extremely painful shins and calves everytime I ran. Not to mention the fact that I would hardly be able to move for three days afterwards. This never helped me get over the hurdle of getting to the point of enjoying running. That is until now. First thing Hubby made me do was buy decent running shoes and what a difference it has made – I don’t ever get sore shins and calves anymore which is half the battle won. 

He announced to me one day that he had found a great community event we could be involved in – the Parkrun. Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. Running in scenic places also makes it far more pleasant and the sense of community fun is awesome. So every Saturday morning we bundle the two boys into the car and head off to our local park called Berwick Springs for our 8 am start. We have even managed to convince Michaela to join us the last couple of times and she has done so well. Like me she went from 0 km to 5 km in one go and was amazed that she could actually do it. This last week she and I both smashed our times for a new personal best so it is very exciting. Parkrun time you each week and then email your results to you later in the day. They also have volunteer photographers who come and take photos each week so the photos on this blog post are courtesy of Parkrun. All they ask is that every runner volunteers at least twice a year to help with the run so that it can continue – pretty good way to get a free run in each week. To find out more go to Parkrun to check it out. I laughed when I saw the photos – I reckon I run so slowly that I look like I am out for a casual walk in all of them. I have also had to learn how to run with a stroller – not an easy task when there are nearly 300 people running and you have to manoeuvre through the throng. It also means that I get to start right at the back of the field which suits me fine. The great thing about this run is that you compete with yourself by trying to better your time each week. I love not having the pressure to feel like it is a race. 

It has also done wonders for my confidence and really motivated me to find some other challenging runs – I have a few in mind but just not sure yet. My ultimate goal is to participate in the Pink Triathlon next January – not a huge event but I have always wanted to do a triathlon ever since Hami caught the bug – watching him participate always motivated me. 

parkrun montage1


parkrun montage2The day before Australia Day was an event and  we all had to dress up in our Aussie gear -I donated my shirt to Michaela so she and Hami looked like twins. There were some interesting outfits. I must say as much as I love living here in Oz, I still feel like a Kiwi and see myself as one. I still have a very soft spot for New Zealand and not sure if that will ever go away.

parkrun montage3 






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