Birthdays, running and heatwaves

Earlier this month was Zoe’s 14th birthday – I can’t believe my little girl is a lanky teenager who towers over me now. Where the heck did all the years go? Michaela decided to make her ‘cake’ this year although technically it is pure chocolate and no cake (other than the cake pop balls around the giant cupcake). She did a fabulous job and everyone loved the chocolate cupcake.

B&W pencil zoe

zoe grad 3



zoe cake

We have enjoyed our summer holiday so much – beach outings and a lot of cycling. Hami and I have just joined Parkrun which is a free 5 km run that happens every Saturday at our local park – it is so well organized and volunteers run it. We get given a time and our results are emailed through to us after the run. It is lovely to be part of a community event like this. I have never really seen myself as a runner and I have always said I don’t enjoy running but surprisingly enough I have really enjoyed this. The first 5 km run I did left me in agony for days (well I did go from 0 to 5 km in one go) and I thought I would die, but since then I have not been stiff at all on the last two runs. Hami and I put one child in each stroller and we run pushing the kids. I am considering entering the Run for Kids event happening in April which is a 15 km run but I am still a bit chicken.

Hami parkrun1


I was very excited last week bettering my time by 69 seconds so very happy with my progress – I am just like the tortoise – plod along!!

We have  just endured a heatwave and it was awful. Our home has no air-con or  evaporative cooling so it would get up to 36 degrees in the house. Outside it was between 41 and 45 degrees and all my poor plants and veggies have just burned up. Fortunately this week we are back in the 20’s so it have been a good reprieve.

One more week of holiday and then it’s back to school for everyone – can’t say I’m not looking forward to it – been a long holiday.


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