Coal Creek

A bout two weeks ago we decided to head out to a town called Korumburra which is about an hours drive from home to visit a place called Coal Creek. This is a replica of a mining town with the original old buildings and set up for the coal mine. The best thing about it is that entry is free which is always a bonus when you are a large family. There is the old steam train and usually it runs but the day we went it was not happening. You can ride around the park on the train for a very reasonable fee. Jay, our little foster child (2) is crazy about trains and so it was a treat for him to climb on the train and see it.

Michaela also loved the village as she is a history junkie and loves all things old so she enjoyed seeing all the homes and shops set up with old things. The favourite store for everyone of course was the General Store which was crammed full of amazing goodies. We were able to buy a jar of good old mint humbugs which we all enjoyed sharing. This brought back so many memories for me – somehow I always think of my grandparents when I think of humbugs as we used to raid their tin when we were kids.

The other fun thing in the park was the emus which were tame – sometimes a bit too friendly I think as they would end up getting right in your face and you would have to push them away. Jay found it fun terrorising the ducks by chasing them everywhere. He also tried a few times to find mud puddles to jump in so we had to watch him carefully. Baby B (our other foster child) slept most of the way around the park which was a good thing as the rest of us took turns chasing the toddler.

Here are some photos of the outing:

coal creel montage1



coal creek montage3



coal creek montage2






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