Adventures with Nurse Michaela and the Tooth Fairy

It was lovely to start the day off without the mad rush I usually have. Hubby didn’t have to be at work till later, Ethan was off school today as he is not writing an exam, Aaron is also off school due to a pupil-free day for teachers to write reports (why didn’t they have those when I was teaching in SA) so all I had to do was drop Michaela at the local hospital by 6:50 am and get Zoe to school by 9 am. Not having to make numerous school lunches was also a bonus.

Michaela has done her first week of Clinical placement at the Casey Hospital working on the Surgical ward – she has thoroughly enjoyed herself and is confident she has chosen the right career. We were having a chuckle that she can handle body fluids and other gross things but freaks out if a bug or spider comes across her path. Watching her crossing the parking lot the other day left me with a lump in my throat – she looked so grown up in her uniform with her stethoscope and other equipment around her neck. I suddenly realized that she is an adult now and not my little girl any more – where have the last 19 years gone?

nursing montage1

Aaron lost another tooth yesterday and looks so cute with the top front one missing. He left his tooth in his bedside draw and was delighted that the Tooth Fairy left him a note and some money – although he did comment that the Tooth Fairy’s handwriting looked remarkably like mine. He wrote a thank you note on the back and has put that in his drawer. The funny thing is that Aaron knows there is no Tooth Fairy as we have always paid him when he lost a tooth – I guess going to school and listening to other kids has made him want a bit of fantasy in his life so I will indulge him.


Ethan has been working part time at the local butcher to make some pocket money and he is doing very well for himself. He manages to buy himself all the nice extras that we can’t and even loans me the odd buck now and again (like the Tooth Fairy money as my purse was empty).

Zoe plods through school – she works hard when she has to but does it with moans – school work is not her favourite thing although she does it really well when she applies herself -I guess I was a bit like that in High School – I never really worked that hard until something was due then I would pull an all-nighter – many art assignments done in the twilight hours.

Hami is under pressure at work – he has exams and reports to get done over the long weekend here – he has such great work hours, but honestly the management where he works are absolutely anal at the best of times and treat their staff as though they are children. It is very annoying and makes for an unpleasant work environment.

The fostering continues well and I keep updating my blog Sweet Hope Chronicles as to our progress when I can. Today is court day again and so we wait for the outcome of that.

Otherwise I have had absolutely no time to do anything even remotely creative in the last few weeks – just keeping up with basic chores has been a mission. We have a long weekend (thanks to the Queen’s birthday – which isn’t even now) but ¬†pleased that we will have some time to relax – the weather forecast sounds very promising and so hope to get out and about on the weekend. That’s all for now – over and out!!!


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