Busy month

May has been a busy month indeed with so much happening. Our move to a new home didn’t happen as the house we really liked was taken off the rental listings much to our disappointment. However we have celebrated two birthdays this month and Mothers Day. On Michaela’s 19th birthday we got a phone call to ask us if we would be prepared to foster two brothers for the night. We ended up with a two year old and a 5 month old baby. This was our first placement since we have been accredited and it was quite special that it happened on Michaela’s birthday. Nineteen years before I had given birth to my first born and now we were getting our first foster cjhildren on the same day.

Needless to say it has been a crazy few weeks. I have started a new blog for our fostering stories so that I don’t have to post them all here. You can read about the last ten days at Sweet Hope Chronicles.

We also celebrated Aaron’s seventh birthday last week with a Club Penguin Birthday Cake and a small party for him and a friend. He got to have a special day off school on the Tuesday to go on an outing with his friend to a place called Bounce which is a room full of trampolines and play equipment.


aaron bday

I am very aware that I need to give special attention to Aaron so that he doesn’t feel side-lined with new kids coming into the family and so far he has been so good.

We have sectioned off his room so that he can escape from the toddler to have some time to play his lego.

A few weeks ago we also visited Birdsland for a walk and a picnic – it is such a lovely a lovely spot and not too full of people. We enjoyed the sunshine as it has been rather scarce

the last few weeks.

birdsland montage

Aaron also had his first sports day ever at school. It was so nice that Hami could come and watch some of his events as he finished work early that day. He did so well too paticipating in hurdles, long jump, discus, shotput and sprints. He was so proud of his ribbon he got at the end. Hami and I commented on how totally uncoordinated some kids are and how under-developed their gross-motor skills are.

sport day

Mothers Day was extremely busy this year.  Aaron gave me a beautiful mug that he chose at his school’s mothers day stall. Ethan actually made me a card without being nagged by anyone to do so – he even got a few tears out of me with what he wrote.Usually Iget “Thanks for doing our washing and cleaning and caring for us etc etc.” This is what I got this year,

“Dear Mum,

You are amazing!

I love you so much, thank you for everything and have an awesome day today!

Love Ethan”

Now, that coming from a teenage boy who only used to grunt or growl at us is quite incredible – I love that boy so much. That is all  I have time for now – baby to feed and toddler to entertain as well as some household chores to do. Back to business.

Have an awesome day everyone!!


One thought on “Busy month

  1. Jodes

    It’s been nice to spend some time catching up on your family. I love how real you are 🙂
    I would have cried too with a card like that from a teenage son, very special.


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