This has been a frustrating week – it seems we have been waiting all week for news. The problem with waiting is that it leaves a slightly nervous, butterfly in the tummy feeling tinged with nausea. It is a difficult time – uncertainty can creep in and while trying to remain positive and get on with life I often found myself just doing nothing as I waited for the phone to ring- that silent, uncooperative phone! Even poor hubby has found himself wondering and voicing his frustration at waiting. Now I know waiting is supposed to teach us patience which is a fruit of the spirit, but honestly I am not at the point where I feel like spiritualizing it – I just don’t want to wait anymore – I want some ANSWERS!!!

Some of you are probably wondering what I am rambling on about. We have still not heard anymore about our fostering application since the panel met last Monday. I am wishing that something would happen just to set my mind at ease. The other thing we are waiting for is an outcome on an application for a new rental home. We have spotted a lovely home just on the edge of the countryside for rent. It has about four acres of paddock and garden that it overlooks, a perfect chook house for our chickens and guinea pigs, everything we need inside, it is closer to hubby’s work and yet still close enough for the school run, train commute for Michaela.

For a long time it has been our dream to live more in the countryside but finding homes to rent like this are few and far between or totally out of our price range. This feels so good to us. The problem is that it feels good to about ten other families too. We really just have to trust that our application will find favour out of all the others. So we wait. We will probably get an answer regarding the house sometime next week. Even that is frustrating – I am itching to get packing and sorting but there is no point really just yet.

In the meantime I realize that our worries are really miniscule compared to some others around us. Friends of ours have just had their baby boy born 10 weeks prematurely and they are facing the ups and downs of each day with him in the NICU. They make the trip to the hospital daily, killing hours of time and just being there which is exhausting. They just dream of the day they can take him home and cuddle him naturally, a day where the daily routine is appreciated and longed for. They are waiting too and even as I type this I hear my words of encouragement to them echoing in my brain, “just hang in there, he will get there, the day will come.” I need to take those words and thank God that our waiting is so small in comparison – that we will not perish for having to wait. I’m trying but I guess I’m not very good at it – when hubby and I get itchy feet we get it BADLY!!

We feel that it is time for a new start – we have changed so much in the last year and now we feel it is time for a new space – a space that is not shared by an adjoining neighbour who hates us. A space that fulfils our dreams and is good for the children. A space that will inspire me to creativity.

Last week Hubby, Aaron and I went for a walk to the Wilson Botannic Gardens ( about a kilometre from our house) – we took some coffee and had a great time climbing the lookout tower. Then we went down to the bird hide to look for some local birds and walked around the lake. The turtles kept us amused for awhile before we headed home.

wilsons bot montage








Will let you all know the outcome when we finally hear them. For now I have a lasagna in the oven, blog post done – it’s time to go and sit around the crackling fire (winter has arrived very suddenly) and enjoy my glass of wine.

Hope you all have a good day!


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