On Thursday we made a long trip around the bay to Geelong so that Ethan could see his girlfriend. It is about an hour and a half drive from our home as the bay is so huge. We decided to take a drive and spend the day exploring the area – there were some markets there that I have been itching to visit. We started by dropping Ethan off in the town centre of Geelong and then we headed to a vintage market. This was a huge warehouse that was filled to the brim with antiques and vintage items. I felt like I was literally salivating at the things I saw but I couldn’t afford anything there – it was way over-priced and too expensive. So I just drooled my way around and imagined what it would be like to own some of these goodies. I really loved the old crates and suitcases.

geelong market1

Then we headed to Maccas for lunch as we couldn’t find anywhere else to eat being in a strange town. Once we had food in our bellies we all felt a bit better and ready to tackle the next market. The Mill Market is a big warehouse full of items – It is made up of a number of stalls owned by different people and there is one checkout point at the end. This was a great place to troll through and I saw some amazing items – some which were not too over-priced. Hami got stuck in the book section and ended up with a pile of biographies under his arm to bring home. Michaela and Zoe discovered the vintage clothes section and ended up in the 80’s dress section. They pulled out bright taffeta dresses that had shoulder pads and ruffles – how I laughed – it was like stepping into a time warp and reliving bad fashion. The girls decided they had to try a dress or two on so with much giggling and glee they modeled their dresses for me.

geelong market 3

We also had great fun at the entrance to the Mill market with the cartoon characters at the door. The kids took turns to climb into the characters and have their photos taken. Aaron also found a side car for a motorbike.

geelong 2

We all had such fun shopping and exploring – except for Aaron whose whole summation of the experience was, “Can we please  go to a decent shop now.”

Then we headed down to Eastern Beach on the Waterfront where we sat in the sun and relaxed. The kids went to the park and we had a lovely walk along the waterfront and down the pier. There are a number of wooden painted characters all along the beachfront that are quite fun and creative.

geelong 3

geelong 4

Finally we collected our love-struck teenager and officially met his girlfriend who seems very sweet and well-mannered. After dropping her off we made the long trip home again. It was great to get out and explore the complete opposite side of our city. There is so much to do here in Melbourne and we haven’t even chipped the tip of the iceberg yet.


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