I go through moments where I am feeling very creative and I just want time to sit down and CREATE. Usually these times are when I have my schedule jam packed with the mundane routine things that need to be done. This can leave me feeling frustrated and grumpy. The other side of the coin is probably more frustrating – needing to get creative tasks done with zero motivation or inclination. This has been me this week. I am so focused on my book right now and getting it completed that I haven’t wanted to tackle any creative tasks around the home. I have been working on my cover design for my book and it has taken many hours. I promised Michaela that I would make her a cover for her laptop as she needs to take it to Uni with her but she didn’t want a chunky bag as she already has a bag she carries her books in. We chose some fabric and it has been sitting on my dining room table for days. Eventually I knew that I could procrastinate no more. So feeling very uninspired and uncreative I set to work. Due to my lack of enthusiasm there is no tutorial for this – just a completed picture (which is probably just as well as I winged it and had no idea what I was actually doing). I quilted the fabric with a layer of batting and calico as the inside lining. I tried going around the butterflies to make it hold together and give them some definition. Then I made an envelope flap and attached it to the bag. To close it I sewed on some leather cord to make a loop and added a button to hook it over. I must say I was quite pleased with the result even though I had zero enthusiasm for the project. Take a look.

ltop bag






Once I have designed my covers for my book I am thinking of getting your help to decide which you think is best – I thought a little give away might inspire you to give me your opinion. More about that later.

A week ago Hubby, Aaron and I took a drive up to Emerald Lake. I absolutely love Emerald – it is in the hills and is a quaint little village – we are always on the lookout for a house to rent there with a bit of land. It is only an extra ten minutes drive for hubby to work although further to get the kids to school but would be so worth while being able to live a little more in the country. So far nothing that works for us has come up but I continue to look and dream.

We had a walk around the lake and enjoyed the sunshine.

em lake 2013


Don’t you love the picture of the tree trunk in the middle – I felt like I was in an enchanted wood – it looked just like a tree face to me. (or maybe I just have a vivid imagination). What do you think??

em lake 2 2013


Hubby reminded me that in my last post I asked what you thought of Zoe’s curtains – then I forgot to add a photo – here is a photo of the curtain print.




I also made an art work with two canvases covered in a bright, funky  fabric for her room.


Now I just need to hang them straight heehee.

My hubby is the best – I love this man to bits!! He was away last week on a school camp down in the bay. He made the effort to go into some little gift shop and buy me a present – not just any old present but one that is just my taste. He found this big white jug that had Milk printed on it and it looked a little rustic and countryish – just made for me. Then he bought me flowers to put in it – what a sweetie!! Really made my week. I took some photos of my lounge as I finally have made some new curtains from fabric I bought from the Op shop – the ugly green lounge curtains are GONE….. I can’t tell you how happy I am!!

lounge montage


So considering I haven’t felt too creative this last week I guess I did get some things done!!




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