It’s been a long time …..

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Hemingway household – so much has been happening that I haven’t even had time to blink – and the worst thing of all – our coffee machine died. I have so needed caffeine this week and I can’t quite bring myself to drink instant coffee again – so spoiled am I!!! The reason I have felt so tired is because I have been getting up so early in the morning to get my eldest to the train station on time to catch her train for Uni. Poor girl has to catch a train and a bus to get there (which takes about an hour 10 minutes). My mother will tell you that I am NOT a good morning person – I can burn the midnight oil but I really have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Hubby manages to get up at the crack of dawn whereas I groan when the alarm goes off.

My daughter has been a star getting herself organised and working out her schedules. She has so enjoyed her first week of lectures. She got to learn how to wash her hands correctly and how to make a bed with and without a patient in the bed (now we are hoping that since she has finally learned to make a bed she might just practice on her own bed for a change). She also got to choose her stethoscope colour in her nursing pack which was a big highlight for her. We have been very busy getting her textbooks, innoculations, police checks and uniforms so I am looking forward to when it is all ticked off the list.


Ethan has fallen in love – his first romance ever and it is quite sweet to watch. His sweetheart lives the complete opposite side of the city – which is about a two hour train ride so they usually meet in the city to catch up. This suits us fine as it keeps them out of mischief and they can only see one another every few weeks.  She is half Korean and half Vietnamese and is a very cute girl and extremely bright – she is finishing her schooling this year and plans to study medicine – it has been great to see how she has motivated him to work a bit harder at school this year (I like this girl already).

Ej and Han


We have also just completed our in home assessments for fostering – this has been four interviews that have lasted between two and three hours a time and has been very thorough. Our children were also assessed at the last meeting and were able to give their opinions and feedback which was good. So now we wait. The panel meets in a months time and then we should be accredited. I have found this last stretch both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I almost feel like I did near the end of my pregnancies – trying to get organized with everything I need. People have been incredibly generous and kind to us by giving us baby cots and linen, high chairs and clothing – we have been amazed at the generosity. The trickier part about fostering is that we have no idea what age child we may get – could be a baby or it could be any age up to 5 years old. At least with a pregnancy you know you are getting a baby. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to meeting the little person we can love on. Again we have no idea whether we will get a boy or a girl joining us so we have had to be prepared for both scenarios.

This last weekend we decided to move Zoe out of the room she has shared with Aaron – again in preparation for fostering but also because she is now a teenager and needs her own space and privacy. We did not have a spare room but we do have a second lounge/rumpus room so we divided the room in half with bookshelves to make a reading/library on one half and a secluded room for her on the other half. To personalize her room I bought her some beautiful curtains from IKEA . I found this really cool fabric with a vibrant print on it. I bought some and then covered two canvases with the fabric to make a really large cool artwork for her wall. I am delighted with the result. What do you guys think. It was really easy to do and very cost effective. IKEA has some lovely fabrics to choose from.

Hubby left this morning for a school camp so I am going to miss him – at least he is on a nice camp this time round – down in the bay and will be participating in snorkelling, fishing and other beach activities.

Summer has been truly glorious this year – at times a little too hot and dry but beautiful nonetheless. I got some cool pics of the three kids on our cycle a few weeks ago.



I have reached another milestone – book printed out into three hard copies – ready to distribute to a couple of people to proofread – I feel as though I am finally making progress which is very exciting. I have been doing a lot of self-publishing research and have narrowed down my choice to two – hopefully I will make the right decision when the time comes.

That’s all from me for now – let’s hope it won’t be so long till I next have a chance to blog ….



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