Date Night….

Last night my honey and I went out on a date night. Aaron was a bit confused – he said, “but that’s for people who aren’t married.” Shows you how often hubby and I go on these nights!!! We have always had coffees together during the week between his teaching schedule but going out for the evening has not been a common trend for us.

I was thinking about why we didn’t do this more often and realized that we were so busy with our church commitments that we hardly had any “US”  time between meetings. Since we have left the Institutional Church to join up with the Organic/Simple/Missional church our time has been so much more flexible and a freedom we have relished. We connect with people we really love being with out of friendship and not based around a meeting – it has been liberating!! To read more of our journey into this you can see our site  Rhythm- Doing Life Together

Another factor was that we live on a tight budget and so always sacrifice going out. Well this is going to change as once a month we hope to head out just the two of us as we realize we don’t have to spend much- just have the time and keep it simple.

Anyway back to date night …… First we had to explain to Aaron that this was good and normal in marriage – that being done we headed out to grab a bite to eat. One yummy hamburger later we decided to go to drive-in to watch ‘Safe Haven’. When we were about three cars away from the ticket booth I remembered that we had taken the car that has no radio ( since the battery died our radio hasn’t worked as we don’t have the manufacturers code and I haven’t got round to getting it again). Now we probably would have been able to hear from all the surrounding cars but honestly neither of us felt like paying money to hear half a movie. So a quick u-turn had us heading out, giggling that we couldn’t even organize a simple date night due to lack of practice. We decided to head for the beach as it was a beautiful evening. So below are some of our photos snapped on hubby’s iphone.







Definitely worth the night out.

beach date1


One thought on “Date Night….

  1. jodes

    Just Had a brief look at your rhythm link. We Are currently not doing anything “church” right now. The Idea of what you are doing is the way we have been leaning but we are still taking time to breathe and find our feet again. Nice To read about what you are doing.


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