After our sad chicken massacre we felt as though some of the family were gone and we missed the noise of our backyard chooks. Hubby spent days building a new cage for them that is more secure and safe from wacko’s. This cage is also moveable and enables hubby to sleep in now in the mornings as the chickens can enter and exit their nesting box themselves. When we are home we will allow them free range in the garden.


So yesterday I took him on a surprise outing to buy three new chooks – this was a complete surprise to him as he thought we would have to wait till next month to afford it. I on the other hand decided to do some budgeting and juggling to make this possible for him. So I would like to introduce our new girls ( never forgetting you Rosy, Penny, Annie, Dixie and Silky – may you RIP in chicken heaven) –

Meet  Honey






Thanks girls for making our family complete again – may you lay many eggs.

Moving on from the chicken news to other news. We looked at moving out of our home and finding another house to rent in the country- That is our dream – to be close to town and work for Hami as well as school for the kids but just out of town so that we have space for our pets and our own piece of paradise. I can’t help it – I am a country girl at heart – always have been I guess. We saw a house that we really liked but before we could even view it someone snapped it up. We won’t just move for any reason – the house has to be right and at a good rental and meet all our needs. The reason for our wanting to move from our lovely home we have is partly because of our neighbour. The front of our home is a separate unit and has a tenant in it. He is a very strange character – keeps his curtains drawn and is very unsocial – in fact he gets angry if my children play outside and make any noise or if we get visitors who park in our property – anything out of the ordinary sets him off in abusive language and strange behaviour. We have learned to tolerate his behaviour over the years putting it down to him having some kind of mental disorder but now our patience is wearing thin. The chicken fiasco was the final straw. We strongly suspect he is the one who killed our chickens but of course we have no proof. The reason for our thinking besides the fact that he hates us living here is that when we were away our one car was parked in front and his car is almost always parked out front so anyone from the street would have thought someone was home and wouldn’t have entered the property to kill chickens if they thought they would be caught. Our chickens are right at the back of our yard and not easy to get to – people would have to pass through a gate either side of his house and then walk right down the length of our home to access the chooks. He would have noticed that we were away. Anyway – can’t accuse him without evidence but sometimes you just know! My worry is that if he could do something so ugly then how far would he go if he was stressed or pushed? So we will keep looking for our place in the country – a few prayers for us would be great too. We are not fearful and refuse to be intimidated by him – I don’t think he has the courage to confront us face to face.

Michaela is busy working out her Uni timetable – wow it is different from the days I studied – she can actually select which lectures she will attend from a comprehensive list and this gives her freedom to fit it in any way she chooses. She is trying to fit all her weeks lectures into three days (Mon – Wed) so that she has the rest of the week off and can get a part time job. This is also helpful as she will have to travel for about two hours on public transport just to get to her Uni so the less times she has to go the better.

Everything is back to normal – the kids started school again this week and I can get back into my own routine again.

I have some interesting projects up my sleeve for this week – I want to finish the landscape painting I started a while back, I want to recover my dining room chairs and make some curtains for my living room – the green ones MUST go!!

Stay tuned for the photos.

Have a great week….


One thought on “Introducing…..

  1. tina

    You are, as usual, all inspiring my dear friend = ) Loved the post and loving how things are going for you guys = )


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