Inverloch Camping Trip

We are home after a week camping at Inverloch. What a lovely time we had. Our only sadness was to arrive home and discover that our chickens had been killed by someone in our neighbourhood. Yes you heard right – they were deliberately decapitated by someone. We have our suspicions but no proof of course. We were all angry, heartsore and upset that our poor birds had been so brutally abused and attacked. I had a friend who lives a couple of houses away coming in each day to check on them and she found them – I feel so bad that she had to deal with all the ugliness of it, but relieved that Aaron didn’t find them that way – he loved them so much and had tamed them so well.

Anyway we are determined not to let some psycho spoil our time away.

Inverloch is a small village located on the Anderson Inlet. It is lovely and not too far from home – only about 100 km so very good for day trips too. We stayed at the Inverloch Foreshore Camping ground and we were only a few hundred metres from the beach. There were also some lovely walks in the area which we did each day.
The kids enjoyed swimming in the loch/inlet as it was always fairly warm and good for Aaron. We toasted ourselves in the sun and played beach cricket. I have read more books in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years and I have thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in stories – I don’t think I will give this up – I need to make time to read for myself.

inver montage3


inver montage2



inver montage4

I even managed to get some photos of my oldest son – amazing that he is becoming more camera friendly and not so aggressive when I take his picture. Nice for me to have some photos of him not scowling or hiding his face!!


I loved the trees in the area – they were gnarly and windswept with interesting shapes – this one tree in particular was amazing – hubby and I had to find a time when it wasn’t full of children to get a few photos.

inver montage6

One night we went down to the BBQ’s along the foreshore to have our dinner. Hubby barbequed some chops and the kids had fun playing soccer. Ethan did some amazing flips off the wooden boardwalk.


inver montage1




We enjoyed our last supper by getting pizza from the local take away as a treat and watching Prince of Persia on Hubby’s laptop in the tent. We did chuckle at the size TV our neighbours brought camping – it was a giant widescreen TV that took up the whole one side of their tent. Other people had their own solar panels and one tent even had an air-conditioner. We realized that we camp quite simply but that is the fun of it I think. We did however treat ourselves and bought camp stretchers as last year our inflatable mattresses deflated every night leaving us with backache and sleeping on the hard floor. Oh what a good idea!!!

The last day we were there we drove to Cape Paterson – a 10 minute drive from our campsite to a surf beach so that the kids could catch waves. What a lovely beach. I even swam a few times as it was so hot. The children loved the waves (as our closest beach in Melbourne doesn’t have waves as it is in the Port Philip Bay and so very flat) and spent hours in the water. Even Aaron was proud of his wave catching ability.

inver montage5

The day we packed up was not great – the weather had turned and the wind was howling. Fortunately we managed to get our tent down and everything packed before a full wind blizzard hit us and the rain came.

We are so glad that we had this time to get away despite the horrible arrival home. Holidays are very important and many times this camping trip I thought back to times when I was a kid and we went camping in remote and exciting places. They are memories I will never forget.


One thought on “Inverloch Camping Trip

  1. jodes

    Looks like a wonderful time away but how sad to return home to someone doing that to your chickens. That really sucks.


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