Philip Island

Yesterday was one of those days you don’t want to venture out in Melbourne – 39 degrees – but we decided to head out for the day because the house gets so hot that it can become unbearable. We decided to head for Philip Island which is an hours drive from home. It turned out to be a great decision as it was much cooler there than back in Melbourne due to the breeze off the sea.

The five of us headed out minus oldest son as he slept at a mates house. We stopped at San Remo which is the little village just before you cross the water to Philip Island. There are beautiful pelicans there and they get fed daily at lunchtime. Although we missed their feeding they were still around so we managed to get really close to them.

San Remo montage2

Another highlight of the day was the three huge rays that were swimming at our feet in the water. I guess they know the pelicans get fed daily too. Aaron was desperate to touch one and it took awhile to get the chance for him to do it. His response was “it’s slimy.”

San Remo montage1

I’ll take his word for it – I preferred to be behind the camera taking photos thank you!!

Then we went on to the island and had a lovely drive to Nobbies Point. There are boardwalks with spectacular views of the rock formations as well as a gannet colony and penguin colony. We managed to see a few penguin chicks in their little wooden boxes on the hillside. The coastline is quite spectacular with volcanic rock and turquoise blue sea.

Phillip Island montage1


Phillip Island montage2



photo (94)

Aaron loved the giant shark in the souvenir shop.

photo (91)

Then we headed for Cowes and to the beach for a swim and sunbathe.

We had a fabulous day and only headed home at about 6 pm. This definitely won’t be the last time we head there for the day.



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