All Things bright and Beautiful ….

At the start of every new year I get the urge to change things – my nomadic tendencies coming out I guess. If I want change I cannot break down walls or paint as we rent, so I have to find  some ways to make cosmetic changes to our home. I long for the day we can put our own stamp on a home that belongs to us. So I decided to shuffle up some things at home and re-arrange some of our furniture and add some other touches. Soft furnishings are a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to your rooms.

The first room I decided to tackle was my bedroom. I did not want to make major changes but I did want to introduce a little more colour and pattern. I started by buying three really cheap frames from the Reject Store and framing some vintage prints which I also purchased from the same store a while ago. I framed them and put them up over my bed to add a bit of colour to my room – I must say I love how they turned out. Hubby was a bit naughty – he was taking photos of my rear end as I struggled with the frames. Needless to say I had to forgive him as hanging three pictures meant that levels and spacing was very important and to get them accurate  I did need his help. The sweet man obliged!

bedroom montage2



Then I moved my cute red/burgundy sofa into my bedroom and made a comfortable corner to read/relax. Added to that I put the two yellow cushions I bought from the Op shop on my bed with my Union Jack pillow I made. Now my room is not just white and taupe as it always was but has a bit of colour in it. One thing I will never move away from is my white linen – I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything (except maybe some new, crisp beautiful white linen!!).

In my lounge I needed some furniture – the big mustard coloured sofa has served us well but it was definitely time to go. I quickly found a home for the couches which left me able to  shop on Ebay. I managed to buy two similar colour sofas to my previous couch for $20 and they fit into the space so much better. I decided to add some more pattern and colour into my lounge by making cushion covers for the cushions I had to otherwise the mustard furniture   dominated the room. The fabric came from a big recycle store  and I paid $5.99 for all different designer quality off-cuts. Then I simply ran up some covers and hey presto a whole new look in my lounge. I really was pleased with how the cushions turned out. All that needs replacing now is the ugly green curtains in my lounge. I have moaned before how much I hate them and truly they do not improve with time. Curtains are extremely expensive here, so I am always on the lookout for curtains at the Op shop. Because my window is so huge it is difficult to get enough of the same curtains this way. I will persevere though!! I moved my painting of the Greek Village and replaced it with my Tuscan sunset painting. Goes beautifully with all the colours in the cushions.

cushion montage

cushion montage2

cushion montage 3

I even made a cushion from an old jumper I found at the Op shop – truly people you can use ANYTHING to be creative.

jersey cushion montage

Part of my decorating pleasure always comes from the fact that I will not spend a lot on making our home nice. My bedroom redo cost me $18 and my lounge cushion covers cost me time and about $4 in fabric. Add $20 for the two new couches and the total for the two rooms was $42. If I had purchased new items it would have cost me 8 x $10 = $80 for cushions, A new lounge suite about $1000 and frames $18 giving me a total of $1098. I saved a whopping $1056. Now who wouldn’t want to re-purpose furniture?

I also kept the really ugly square coffee table that matched our old mustard suite – I am hoping to re-purpose this baby and make an ottoman for the centre of our lounge – more about that when I tackle the project. I also need to re-upholster my dining room chairs as they are so tired but first I need to find the fabric I want to use.

Another tip for great ideas is Pinterest – I find this site so inspiring – all the creative ideas people have are amazing – check it out if you haven’t already. So we continue to find creative projects to tackle. Michaela wants to redo her bedroom this holiday – I have an idea for a lovely headboard made of doors – watch this space in the future.

In the meantime … Happy recycling!!


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