2013 – she’s a teenager now

I am looking forward to this year – I have a feeling it is going to be a good one – forget the superstition of the number 13! I believe that this year will be a year of incredible blessing for us as  a family. I feel as though some changes are on the horizon and I can’t wait for new adventures.

Tomorrow Zoe will be 13 – a teenager – gone will be the childhood years and the start of her early womanly years – I can’t believe how quickly time has gone – from this cute little button to a young girl who is starting to tower over me. Here are some of the lovely photos of my youngest daughter.


zoe montage1



zoe montage2



zoe montage3


And one of my most favourite photos of her.

zoe (4)


Happy Birthday sweet girl – we love you lots – you bring such joy to our family – your fun-loving nature and sense of humour. May your teen years be full of fun and dreams being fulfilled.


One thought on “2013 – she’s a teenager now

  1. Your Mom

    Happy birthday Zoe – now a teenager! The picture of her in the daisies is also my favourite and I have it in my family group picture. She is a lovely girl and we love her.


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