Mornington Beach and Frozen Coke….

The weather yesterday was beautiful – not too scorchingly hot (as it can get here) but perfect for the beach. We headed down to Mornington which is a 45 minute drive from our home to soak up the sun and sea. The kids had a great time. We did miss our eldest son as he was in the city with some of his friends yesterday. Hubby and I lazed and read our books while the children paddled and swam. We had to have a chuckle though at how empty the beach was despite being summer. The reason for us chuckling is that we saw a friend from South Africa post a picture on Facebook  of the beach there. I had to put the two next to each other to give you an idea of what I am on about. I had forgotten that the beaches get crazy in Durban in summer.

beach comp

I love the beaches here in Australia. We had “dirty” sand on some New Zealand beaches and even black volcanic sand which would get blistering hot, but here the sand is either very white or golden and the water crystal clear. It’s almost like swimming in a pool. Aaron and Zoe found this huge starfish too and had to take it further out into the water as they kept standing on it.

photo (23)beach montage 2012

beach montage 1 2012

Another favourite of mine is the brightly coloured beach huts that line the beach. I would love to own one, but at about $80 000 for one I think I would rather have a caravan, a boat and an SUV for that price.


Our morning ended when we all got too hot and so we headed for Hungry Jack’s as they are having a $1 Frozen Coke  special. $5 later we were all slurping merrily and feeling nice and cool.

An excellent day all in all – gotta say I LOVE summer!!


2 thoughts on “Mornington Beach and Frozen Coke….

  1. Amber

    Ahhh… I love to look at your summer pics while we’re here in the midst of a cold, snowy winter in Northeast U.S.! How cool to actually find a starfish!

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks Amber – I see you are having some snowy weather there – a white Christmas is totally foreign to us. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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