Year 12 Graduation

Last night Hami and I attended Michaela’s Valedictory assembly to receive her VCE certificate of Graduation. It was a lovely ceremony and she looked beautiful. To say that I felt proud of her would be an understatement. This beautiful girl of ours is very talented and bright (and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother). Honestly she knows who she is and what she wants – very refreshing. Parenting her has been a joy because we have never had to stress that she is hanging out with the wrong crowd or getting herself into situations that would scare any parent. She has always been very level headed and has a strong sense of justice. Anyway she has officially graduated (Which is quite funny since we haven;’t actually had her exam results yet – they come in on the 17th) and so here are some of the photos we took with her. Please excuse her brothers lack of clothing  (he’s in that typical teenage boy phase where he thinks his body is hot  and he is an Adonis so we all have to put up with him being shirtless now and again).

Michaela’s dress came from the Op shop – we found this gorgeous little dress for $6 whereas a lot of her friends spent a fortune on their dresses. Honestly I think she had one of the nicest dresses on at the Graduation. Hubby and I were a little shocked at how tight and short some of the girls dresses were (left very little to the imagination and showed our age). Enjoy the photos.

yr 12 graduation montage1

yr 12 graduation montage 2



Tonight is her Formal and so will post some pics of her in her beautiful gown this weekend.


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