What a wild week…..

What a week it has been – hubby was  away on a school camp and no mobile coverage so couldn’t chat to him, which was awful. Then son no.2 came down with vomiting, a high temperature followed by a runny tummy. Just as he was starting to perk up son no. 1 caught the same bug and was sick for three days. Our goldfish jumped out it’s bowl and died – whereupon I stood on it’s squishy body in the middle of the night going to get something in the kitchen in the dark. To top off the week we discovered the two youngest had head lice – just what I needed to finish off my already weird week. Boy was I glad to see Hubby when he walked through the door on Friday afternoon.  The poor man looked like I felt – exhausted. He had spent a week in the bush with a bunch of 15 year olds on a survival camp (and I thought my week was tough!!). Anyway all is under control people!! Fish buried in backyard, head lice treated for now (need to re-treat next week), boys are both back to normal and the weekend has been good.

Michaela discovered a pasta maker at the Op shop – looked brand new and cost next to nothing so on Saturday the girls made fresh fettuccine for our dinner – wow it was awesome – can’t compare the fresh pasta to the packet stuff. It was a bit time consuming as it was the first time we had ever done it but I reckon it will go much quicker in the future. We hung our fettuccine on the clothes drying rack. Then we cooked it up, added ham,chicken and mushrooms to a cream sauce and some parmesan cheese – and hey presto a delicious dinner.


Our vegetables have gone wild – we are loving all the lettuce in the garden, our tomatoes won’t be much longer and the spinach is HUGE!!! Aaron even pretended it was a flag and saluted me when I took the photo. Thereafter it became a sword of course.



The chooks are all good too – getting five eggs a day now.

The children set up the Christmas tree yesterday and it looks lovely. They decided it was time to change from the traditional red, silver and gold we usually have to something else this year – so it is now blue, silver and gold, although I did keep my traditional colours on the front door wreath.

christmas 2012

My other project I tackled this week between vomiting children was to make a cushion cover to go with the yellow striped cushion I found at the Op shop. I wanted something in blue so I stencilled a piece of fabric with this  turquoise blue and loved how it turned out. Our aim has been to try and improve our entrance and make it more welcoming.


home2And that has been my wild week – may this next week run more smoothly – Hubby finishes work and Michaela has her Valedictory evening and her formal this week, so lots happening. Will keep you posted.


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