I have to confess – I don’t always understand teenagers. Am I the only parent who doesn’t always get the  humour, the strange phrases that often seem to mean the exact opposite of how they sound? I have even resorted to Google to look up terms so as not to appear too “moronic” in the eyes of the children. I love the look of surprise or even respect I get when I actually know what they are talking about. Of course the flip side of that coin is the rolling eyes or the “What planet did you crawl off” look when I get something wrong. Who says kids are learning all the time – I think that in today’s day and age the parents are the ones who are trying to learn new things to keep up. Now I have an appreciation for my parents like never before – may I just say that I apologize wholeheartedly for any of your grey hairs or wrinkles – I am cultivating a few of my own.

Nevertheless it is not all doom and gloom – despite these moments when I have no clue how to relate to these alien teen creatures, I am finding that I am thoroughly enjoying this phase of our family life. Son number 1 has come out of his sullen, sarcastic phase and is quite a ball of fun. Yes he still tests my patience and tries to shock me every now and again but at least there is a human being in there!! Last year this time I was lamenting that he was failing at school and had to do Precal (which is a trade based course). Well after all my drama I finally realized what a great idea this was – that is until he informed me a couple of months ago that he no longer wanted to do the electrical course and wanted to go back into mainstream VCE. I think I went grey about 25% more at that point. After all he wasn’t exactly excelling at the trade course – how the heck would he manage mainstream? I tried to convince him as did his dad as did his careers counsellor at  school – all to no avail. After much negotiation we have got him back into mainstream as long as he takes one practical subject so that he can move back to VCAL (Trade) course if he is not coping. This is what I mean by not understanding teens. He has decided to do courses that he thinks he might enjoy. He will be taking English (not his choice but compulsory), Business Management,Media Studies, Art, Physical Education and his practical course will be a Certificate 11 in Outdoor Recreation.  Unfortunately Maths will have to go as he has missed so much Maths with our Immigration years ago that he doesn’t have the basic building blocks to work off. I realize that the girls have Hami’s Mathematical brain whereas Ethan has my right-brain creative side.

He seems very focused on the fitness aspect and is training a friend at the moment to get fit and build his body. He has mentioned interest in working in the fitness industry so doing these courses should help him if he decides to go that way. As for me, deep down inside I hope he shows all those who doubt him ( including me – although I’m working on encouraging him) that he has what it takes. I know he does – he’s a very bright boy – just a tad lazy!!

My other teen has finished her year 12 and is away in Queensland soaking up sun and having much fun with a friend. I miss her so much – more that I thought I would and can’t wait to have her back ( with photos so that I have blogging material). She so deserves a good break – she has worked so incredibly hard these exams and her tenacity has astounded me. All I can say is thank goodness it is all over – the amount of chocolate I have had to buy to keep her motivated has become a bit expensive.

Zoe is in her element – now that they have started next years course  she can officially call herself a Yr8 student – no longer the baby of High School so she is delighted.

Aaron would stay in Prep forever if he could as he has a lovely teacher he dotes on. She is tall, slim, blonde and very pretty. The thought of having another teacher fills him with horror.

I am so grateful for my kids – they are all so different and yet all so wonderful – I wouldn’t change them for the world. Even today’s second hand textbook sale at the school doesn’t make me wish they weren’t around. Believe me if you had been to one of these sales you would know what I mean.

Picture this:

I have year 7 textbooks to sell whilst trying to buy Yr8 textbooks at the same time, while I should also be in the Yr12 area selling Michaela’s old books and trying to buy some Yr11 textbooks for Ethan as he is back in mainstream. That means I have to be in four places at once. These book sales are a nightmare as it is like a feeding frenzy. You have to sell your books if you don’t want  your new books to cost an arm and a leg!! If I can survive this today and keep my sanity it will all be good – in fact the confusion I have with my teenagers may seem quite minimal compared to this madness. If you don’t hear from me again I was swallowed up forever in the manic book sale!!

Just to end off on a good note I have posted a video clip from one of my favourite albums at the moment (Christy Nockels – Into the Glorious) – I will post some of these songs now and again – Enjoy!!


One thought on “Children…

  1. Your Mom

    How appropriate that you should write on Children today which is your birthday. Have a wonderful day and may you be richly blessed in the years to come. Children are indeed God’s gift to us.


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