The weekend….

I love weekends – the relaxing and lying in is wonderful – today we went for a lovely walk around Berwick Springs – just getting out into the fresh air was great. Aaron rode his bike while we walked. The older kids slept in late and so it was good for hubby and I to catch up. Aaron looks so cute as he lost his first tooth on Friday – he is so proud of himself. We have a “no-fuss” policy. If there is a lot of drama and fuss when the tooth is coming out then the reward is smaller – no fuss means monetary gain!! Aaron was so pleased with himself because he didn’t fuss at all and so he scored.

The swans were beautiful and had their cygnets out on the lake – couldn’t resist snapping a photo of them.

Our garden is looking tops thanks to Hubby’s hard work. My roses are stunning and the veggie garden is producing well – we have started eating some salad greens from it.

Hubby loves to slip plants and this gorgeous pelargonium is flowering.

The chickens are doing great and one of our new ones laid its first egg today.

Enough random ramblings – hope you all have a good week…


One thought on “The weekend….

  1. tina

    Wow that little fella is growing up fast. So excited to see you house metamorphasising into the home you’ve been dreaming of – lotsa love t


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