The End of a Season…

Yesterday was the last day of  High School for my beautiful daughter. I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is 18, but now with school over, I feel something akin to PANIC coming on!! It seems like just yesterday when she put her school uniform on for the very first time. She looked so cute and felt so grown up all at once. I can’t remember if I cried when I first took her to school, but I am pretty sure I would have had a big lump in my throat. She has always done so well at school and we have been very proud of all her achievements over the years – achievements that are the result of very hard work on her part. So now all that is left is the final exams to sit in a week and it will all be over. I hope she achieves as well as she would like to – she deserves a good result as she has studied hard this year. I find it scary and frustrating at the same time that her result will mainly be determined by this one exam – seems to be a system that is not the best as far as I am concerned. Nonetheless, I am sure her hard work will pay off. Here are some of her school years in photos – enjoy!!

Preschool – Fun in the Son (George South Africa)

Grade 1 & 2 – Holy Cross Primary School (George South Africa)

Burnside primary Grade 4 – 6  (Christchurch New Zealand)

Emmanuel Christian School Year 7 & 8 (CHristchurch New Zealand)

Elim Christian College -Yr 9 – Yr 10 (Auckland New Zealand)

Berwick Secondary College Yr 10 – Yr 12 (Melbourne Australia)

Gosh, when I look at all the school changes she has had over the years it makes me even more proud of her achievements – all our moves can’t have been easy for her over the years. May all your dreams come true Michaela – you are an amazing young woman – we love you so very much xx


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