Fishing Tales…

I love the holidays – I can’t quite believe that they are coming to a rapid end and Monday is school again!! Nonetheless we are on the home stretch towards the long summer holidays. We went back to the lakes today to catch fish. It was lovely lying in the sun soaking up the rays. Initially nothing was happening as we had chosen a new spot to fish – our usual spot was full of Mums with their toddlers feeding ducks. After awhile we noticed our spot was empty so we high-tailed across the park to get there before anyone else arrived. Not even 10 minutes after we threw our lines in we had a BIG bite. It was like deja vu, except this time hubby was there to grab the rod. Because we lost a fish there a couple of days ago we were more crafty this time round (actually it was probably because hubby had the rod and not me and he is far more experienced in these matters than I am). He managed to keep our large fish away from the reeds and bring him in to the “beach”. By this time there was a crowd of curious Mums and dog-walkers watching on. We could see it was a big carp. As hubby got it right to his feet the line snapped. No way was it going to get away a second time. Hubby leapt into the water (the second time in two days in pursuit of fish) and grabbed it before it swam away. It was quite comical actually. Picture this: everyone oohing and aahing as he brings in the fish with me proudly watching on. Line snaps and everyone goes “Oh no!!!” Hubby leaps into the water like a crazed person.He scoops the fish out the water and spectators erupt into applause. I kid you not – that is what happened. So it was good to see how big it really was as it gave me some idea of the one that was on my line. My man is so sweet – he says he still thinks my fish was bigger – now if that isn’t love….

Anyway we now have official pictures of this fish – yeah…  you thought I was exaggerating or telling a fishy tale I bet. Honest truth – the pics say it all!

This holiday has been very productive. I have my own “studio” to work in now. We realised that our second living room wasn’t being used much anymore (only occasionally when we have visitors) and so hubby suggested I use it as my studio. I have always wanted a space that I can leave my paint canvases out while I am working on a project and also somewhere my sewing machine can stay. Now I have an area. It still has to have a couch or two though and a TV because when we have visitors this is where the kids hang out. So although I get to work here, I still have to hide some of my things when we have socials. That is fine by me. There is still a lot to do but we will get there eventually. I made some cool vinyl record bowls to store bits and pieces in – don’t you love how wacky they look?

I am busy on a new painting I started today – nothing like a studio to get the creativity flowing.

We have also managed to get the garden looking good and hubby has planted some veggies. I really love our home – it has good bones and so much character.

Do you remember this light fitting I won on Ebay for 99c? It has sat on top of my laundry cupboard for 2 years. I had this really ugly light bulb hanging from the ceiling in our entrance hall. The other day I could take it no more so hubby pulled out my light fitting and put it up for me. What a sweetie. Looks so much better – I love it!!



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