Summer’s on its way…

Yesterday was the first sunny day in a long time and the first time we’ve  headed to the beach. Hopefully summer will be good this year and we will get many more beach days. The breeze was still pretty cool but the kids still enjoyed a swim in the sea. We had a good time laughing and the kids jumped off the sand bank. It was so good to feel sun on my skin again -I think I am luminous after a very cold and wet winter this year. The warmth made me realise how important sunshine is for our bodies and how it can lift your spirit. Oh how I am going to relish summer.





Today we wanted to make the most of the beautiful weather again and so we headed to our local suburb that has some lakes to give Aaron an opportunity to try his hand at fishing. The highlight for me was the two Pelicans that were on the lake and came right over to where we were feeding the ducks and swans. It was amazing seeing them so close and having a chance to feed them.

The boys had a few bites and then wandered off to look for a better fishing spot. I was reading a magazine in the sun when I noticed the fishing rod bend over. I leapt up and grabbed it before it was pulled into the water to discover I had a huge fish on the end of my tiny little rod. Where were the boys? Who knows… I struggled to reel the line in and the fish eventually went into the reeds in front of me. By that time Hami realised I had a large fish and they came running over. Turns out it was a very big carp that we could see struggling to get loose (must have been about 40cm) but it was getting stuck in the reeds. Hami jumped into the water to try and get it out but unfortunately our thin line snapped and he got away. Nevertheless it was exciting. After that not much happened but we will take Aaron back again soon.

The kids did a photo shoot for a friend of Michaela’s for a school project – here are some of the lovely photos of them.


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