Recycling and Re-purposing…..

I am passionate about recycling goods – I haven’t always been good at it, but the older I get the more I believe in it. This is not only because I want the environment to be a healthier, greener place to live where our landfill isn’t full of all sorts of rubbish, but because I think we are living in a throw away society today. Granted things aren’t made as well as in the past and seem to die a lot quicker, but then again we don’t make an effort to mend things as in the good old days. I love looking for things that someone else has tossed aside and has no use for. If I can re-use something and re-purpose it then I am one happy gal.

Today hubby and I took a trip to the city to pick up a couch that I won on ebay. I have been looking for something that will stand out but not break our bank balance at the same time. One of our current couches is too big and looking a little tatty now so this sweet baby was perfect. I absolutely love the colour. Hubby nearly choked when I told him it was burgundy, but as soon as he saw it he fell in love with it. It is now the stand out feature in our lounge which has cream couches. Now even though this couch was not thrown out, I consider this to be a part of recycling – it is taking someone else’s goods and loving them and using them until there is no life left in them. Buying this little couch made me feel good too because the young couple are moving back to Wellington in New Zealand. The guy was born in Cape Town, grew up in NZ and has lived here in Australia  – it felt a bit like our own story. I was glad that we were able to help them out and be blessed in return.

Isn’t she cute?

I think sometimes people find my passion for second hand shopping quite strange, but I would rather be scratching through an op shop pile of goods any day than queuing in a shopping mall for the latest and newest trends – that is just me. Part of the challenge is seeing purpose in the things you find and seeing potential to make bits and bobs into something quite unique – that is my joy.

My latest learning curve is something called Art Journaling – it is simply using a journal to put down thoughts but it is combined with creative art work. Since I love painting and writing this is a perfect way to express myself. Again I have chosen to re-purpose something. Instead of buying a new book to write in, I took an old book I was throwing out and turned it into my art journal. Now I get to re-use it and the print from the words make a lovely background to play on. Hopefully I will get to share a bit more of this another time.

So my project this holiday is to recover my dining chair seats as they are very scruffy and to complete a few other creative projects (I might just make another cushion cover or two…), Here are the photos of my lounge now that it has all been put together. Hubby has a new app on his phone that allows you take a panorama photo – very cool!!

The other thing I love about re-purposing things  is that there is history in every item. Things have stories and there is love in all sorts of goodies you find. To me it gives the opportunity of making your home unique and putting your own stamp on the the look you wish to achieve. I am not one for the catalogue look where all the furniture looks styled and designed to reveal a “showroom”. I would struggle to live like that. I think every home should reflect a bit of your personality and individuality.

The other project I have been working on is my new studio/ art room. More about that another time!! Hubby has been working very hard getting our vegetables planted – he has made a raised bed and it looks great. Feels like summer is on its way at last and I’m loving it!


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