I Just Made A Cushion Cover

I am as pleased as punch with myself – in fact if my arms were long enough I would pat myself on the back ( the top of the shoulder will have to do!!). I made a cushion cover today out of scraps of material and it turned out better than I thought. This is my take on a Union Jack Cushion. We have a beautiful curtain and homewares shop in our local village. Usually I browse through there, salivating  at the gorgeous items – but thats all I do – salivate! The items are more than I would consider paying, but it does get my creative juices going. They always have a basket at the door with fabric off-cuts that you can buy. They are usually about a fat quarter size and great for craft projects. What I like about them is that the fabric is good quality curtain and upholstery fabric. So this is where I got my fabric for this project – you get 8 off-cuts for $2 so it is a steal.

I have not taken photos as I was just experimenting – I could kick myself now but it is an excuse to make another one and write a tutorial. The photos below were the inspiration for my cushion.


So this is how it turned out. I am definitely going to try this again in different fabrics. I worked out that my cushion cover cost about $3 and the feather inner cost $9 from Ikea – so it totalled about$12 – not bad.



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