Life is a Fancy Dress…

Oh poor blog how neglected you must feel!! I have been very busy with my Graphic design studies and on top of that I have been trying to design a logo for a friend who is starting up a business. I have volunteered myself for this job at no cost so that I can get some work in my portfolio and have some experience. Of course he is not obliged to use my designs but it gives me much needed practice which is good. My brain is boggling with all the thoughts and ideas – I just wish one really BRILLIANT idea would leap out at me. I am in love with fonts. I have discovered some beautiful fonts that I am so going to use often!!

As for our family we are all good. Michaela has under a month of school left before study leave and exams – I cannot believe my daughter is finishing High School. Aaron’s first year  of school is almost over and he has progressed amazingly – reading like a star and settled so well into the routine – my baby is really gone!! Ethan is still ploughing through school reluctantly but he has changed his ideas about what he wants to do – being an electrician no longer appeals to him now that he has become a fitness fanatic. He thinks he would like to get into the fitness industry and become a personal trainer. He loves kick-boxing and and gym and has transformed himself in three months from a grumpy teen who hides behind his X-box into a health nut (of course this has other challenges but at least he comes out his room). He really is looking good – Hamilton and I are both jealous of his abs (since we seem to have lost ours). It gives the men in my house something in common as they talk gym and fitness routines. Ethan even enjoys mowing the lawn now as it is exercise – pure bliss for us – only problem is that the lawnmower seems to have gone into shock from overuse now so it looks like it is slowly dying! Zoe is her usual laid back self although she seems to have taken over Ethan’s gaming habits – just when one teen comes through the anti-social thing so the next one starts. We have to set her a limit on the computer or else she would lose herself!!

We seem to have had a lot of fancy dress events recently. Michaela went to an 18th birthday party that had an Alice in Wonderland theme. They had to dress up as something quirky or a character. She decided to go as the Mad Hatter with a difference (she still wanted to look girly). We made this crazy hat from cardboard and a green stretch velvet material we picked up at an Op shop. We also made her skirt from a stretch skirt  (also from Op shop) with colourful ties sewn to the skirt. The ties came from – YES YOU GUESSED IT – THE OP SHOP!! We also made a quick waistcoat out of leftover green velvet material and used really colourful buttons on it. She added my crazy red suede lace-up boots and she looked fabulous.



Michaela and her friends have had a number of dress up events this year – here are a few.

Lego men for swimming carnival – Michaela is second from the left.


Aaron also had to dress up for Book week at school. He decided to go as Indiana Jones. We found an old straw hat at the usual designer shop I shop at – the Op shop!! I painted it with dark brown paint and it looked great. Then we dressed him in his clothes – made a rope whip and he was good to go.

The weather is slowly trying to change to Spring and I have loved the odd sunny day where it has been warm. I am so over cold, rainy days and heating bills that are through the roof – roll on dear summer – you are most welcome!! Hubby has planted some of his veggies in containers and so we are looking forward to the harvest soon. We also have two new chickens – bringing our total up to five. This is to help us get eggs when they moult as they stop laying. Nature is cruel and the two new hens have been pecked and put into place over the last few days. Things are settling down at last, but the saying being hen-pecked is so very true. So now we have Rosy, Penny, Annie, Dixie and Silky.

Uni open days are over and Michaela’s applications are in so now we wait till the end of the year to get news.

I have started a new hobby called Art Journaling and hopefully I will have some cool things to show you soon.

Now time to get back to chores.


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