Open Day

On Saturday Michaela and I took a mini road trip out to South Gippsland to the Monash University for their open day. It was a lovely trip – about an hour and twenty minutes into the countryside from home. The campus was very impressive – set out in the hills of Churchill and very pretty. I was having serious flashbacks to my own student days – so, so many years ago. The feeling on a campus is just the same – it’s that feeling of excitement at venturing into new areas in your life as well as the freedom that encompasses being a student. We made our way around the campus and eventually got to the medical, nursing wing. The technology they have is fantastic. Michaela got to try out some of her “nursing” skills in some challenges. She got to give an injection to Latex Larry ( the name I will give the mannequin she worked on) and she drew blood as well. We listened to another latex/plastic patient’s lungs and heard brochitis, pneumonia and some other gross disorders. The best part was when Michaela got to deliver a baby in simulation – that was fascinating to me. Yep only one day at Uni and she conquered them all. I was really fascinated how they train their students. The nice thing about this Uni is that it is smaller than the city ones and so the lecturers actually know their students. She also gets the opportunity to do her midwifery  training at the same hospital for 4 years instead of being moved around so she will  see patients through pregnancies. Her nursing practice can be done in rural as well as city hospitals so she will get diversity there. There is even the opportunity for her to do a seven week practice in her fourth year in the UK or Sweden if she chooses. The only scary thing is that they only take 30 students into the Double degree so she needsto work hard to get in.  It was all very exciting and enjoyable. Our next open day is at the end of the month and we need to fit in two Uni’s on the same day – that will be hectic.

We eventually found a KFC in this one-horse town and had lunch- we were starving as it was about 3pm by the time we got lunch.

On our way home we passed the Gumbaya Adventure park with the giant pheasant – would love to go there sometime but will need to win lotto to pay for our family to visit!!

So now the process begins -applying to Uni’s and waiting for VCE results and an offer from the Uni!!

While we were out Hami extended the bird feeder and the two rainbow lorikeets love the new area.


One thought on “Open Day

  1. Your Mom

    Well we shall just have to pray hard that Michaela is one of those 30 – it sounds the ideal place. Seems not so long ago that I was saying goodbye to you (with a few private tears) when you went to Edgewood!


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