I have been letting myself dream again over the last few months where I would love to see our lives heading. I think dreaming is so important – it helps to keep you feeling alive and adventurous and gives one hope and enjoyment. Part of  my dreaming is because my Mom and Dad are about to move to their dream property – out in a wildlife reserve. I am so excited for them – they love the bush and nature and this will be heaven for them. I have been dreaming of a more sustainable self-sufficient way of living as a family. For years we have always done what we felt is right in terms of church and where we lived, what we did etc. More and more I have been feeling that Jesus is more than okay if we just follow our hearts and dreams. So here we go – this is my dream – I have mentioned this briefly before. I long to live on a section of land – I have decided that it needs to be aleast 5 acres of land. It needs to be not too far from where we are now as we will still need to commute for school and Hubby’s job. I would love to build our own place – Hami and I have talked about this in depth. This is the exact house I would build if I had the finance.

This is a kit home that you can buy and build yourself. The idea of actually building my own home is appealing to both Hami and I – the sense of accomplishment would be huge! We have built a home before, but that doesn’t really count as a building company put it up for us, but even that was  a great experience as moulding and shaping the interior and the garden gave a huge sense of satisfaction. This company has such lovely designs to choose from as well – they don’t look like modern, square kit homes. All the inclusions are also part of the cost too. This company even pays for you to do an owner-builder course before you build your home and enable you to get an owner-builder certificate. People who have built these homes reckon it is so simple and basic. I am so up for this challenge. So my dream is to buy some land and to build this gorgeous house. This is an actual photo of the design I like built by a couple in Australia. Photo comes from Paal Homes website.

This place looks like a farmhouse to me – has verandas which are important and lots of living space. Check out the virtual tour of this house on their website. The nice thing about these homes are that you can customise them – make changes in the odd place if you choose.

Part of the sustainable dream is to have solar panels to generate power and an enormous vegetable garden. We already have the chooks so a few more would do and we are away. This would be the ultimate. Second prize would be to buy a piece of land with a house already on it. That will do but wouldn’t be quite as exciting. I dream of looking out my windows at fields and trees and hills.

Dream sorted – CHECK

House design chosen – CHECK

Enthusiasm – CHECK

Finance – WORKING ON IT!!!

What are your dreams – hope they are big!!!


3 thoughts on “Dreaming…

  1. Your Mom

    A big thing I have learned in life is that you must never stop dreaming – follow that dream and it will happen. Who ever thought that we would be following our dream at the age of 70+? You have always wanted to live out in the country – maybe because we moved to a farm when you were a year old?

    1. 4maze Post author

      Thanks Mom – I remember some of those memories of the farm as a child – Some of our happiest years were on the farm in George – I think I am a country girl at heart.

  2. Tina

    Browsed the house on the website – I love it and I can definitely see you guys in it! Thank you so much for alway inspiring me my friend……


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