The Big Climb

My men (Hubby and  15 year old son) went off for a boys weekend with two other blokes. They decided to climb the second highest mountain in Victoria in the snow. Well, as any interested party, I decided to Google  information on this mountain – bad idea!! I first learned that it has steep summit slopes and not a nice round dome to stand on at the top. It also has a sizable snow cornice that forms along the summit ridge in winter, the collapse of which has claimed the life of a number of people who stood on it. So I could picture them all standing on this ice that had nothing supporting them underneath and the mountain giving way. I have to admit I was very nervous initially – neither hubby nor son are trained mountain climbers although they are both fit. I also read that it gets up to -7 degrees on the mountain and the thought of them camping in tents in that weather made me rather worried. That’s what mothers/wives do – we worry when our men need these testosterone adventures. I was very good though I didn’t say no and I convinced myself that men need adventure – it’s part of their make-up ( as I am typing this I am giggling thinking how many times my Mom has climbed gorges, pushed cars stuck in mud and many other things with my Dad!!). So after trusting that Jesus would look after them and giving Him strict instructions I waved them goodbye. I did make them promise not to stand on any edges and to snuggle in one tent if they were freezing and they humoured me by agreeing. My consolation in this adventure was that they were with a friend who has climbed this mountain a few times and knows it well.

It took them about five hours to get to the mountains. The first night they slept in a cabin ready to have an early start the next day climbing. Bright and early they parked their car at Mt. Hotham and began their route across the Razorback.

This is an 11km hike across the mountain ridge through snow – a very tiring walk. It took them about 5 hours to walk to Federation Hut which is a base camp on the mountain. There they set up their tents for the night and had some lunch.

Then the hard work began. Climbing up to the peak took a few more hours. They needed to put spikes on their boots as it was an uphill climb in slippery, hard ice at times.

I was so relieved to get a call from the summit and hear they were safe ( all the while reminding them not to stand too near the edge!!). I did leave strict instructions to call me when they got back down to base camp.

They had beautiful weather during the day (although the wind howled when they slept in their tents) which was another answer to prayer. A great adventure for them both and I was so delighted at the father-son bonding time they had together – We have seen a big change in our teenage boy in the last 3 months – he is coming out of his man-cave and becoming likeable and friendly once more. (Murphy’s law – just as I type this he has made his sister cry – aaarggghhh!!!). Nonetheless we are so pleased to see him interested in family activities again, making some good friends and getting fit and gyming – all positive signs. Let’s hope this was one of the first of many father/son trips and outings.


2 thoughts on “The Big Climb

  1. Your Mom

    Well done, boys!! What an adventure – even if Caroline has a few grey hairs, I am sure she is very proud of you!


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