12 weeks…

Now before you all panic that I am twelve weeks pregnant, you can calm down – those days are long over for me and no longer possible. Hami and I watched a mum at the shopping mall trying to manoeuvre a three wheeler pram with a toddler in tow into a crowded store – we both commented how that is totally a thing of the past for us – for him it was relief and yet I still felt a little sadness that the baby years are gone. Don’t get me wrong – I am happy with four kids and have no desire to start again but in there is the reality that those “young” fruitful years are over – a new phase is starting and no one really wants to get older do they? So what about the 12 weeks?

I have been sick for 4 weeks now – and I mean sick! Started with a cough and sore chest, progressed to Bronchitis whereupon I was put on antibiotics. After one course I was still sick so another course taken. After that I was still coughing but had an added head cold to it. My awful germs proceeded to do the family rounds – poor hubby got it and proceeded through two courses of antibiotics, followed by Michaela and Zoe on antibiotics. Ethan thought this would be a good time to be ill (maybe for real, maybe not) but what the heck, he got a few days off school which was like medicine to him!! Aaron is the only one who has stayed relatively healthy through it all. That brings me to the 12 weeks – yes this is a slow and tedious blog post! No we have not been sick 12 weeks – rather feeling so unwell has made me decide that we need some healthy living as a way of life – yes I know I have been down this track too and failed miserably, but I have a few things that have kick-started me again.

A friend of mine has just completed a 12 week challenge and lost 20kgs. If she can do it then so can I. More than that I need to focus on my eating to kick this Diabetes up the butt and now I have liver function to sort out too. About 10 years ago Hami and I did a 12 week Body for Life challenge and it went very well for both of us – we lost weight, got very fit and looked amazing. Then we immigrated and had no budget whatsoever to eat healthily or go to gym. The result was weight creeping on us again over the years. The realisation that my children will be getting married in the next few years has made me determined not to be trying to frantically lose weight before their big days – I want to be healthy and looking good already. So we are back on a 12 week challenge using Body for Life as a basic framework to help us get there. I hope to look and feel much better after 12 weeks. I will give an update of our progress each week. So far all is going well – I am feeling much better already and managing not to miss chocolate too much!

It is also school holidays and our days are spent being very lazy around warm fires (minus the marshmallows and hot chocolate now!!) as it has been incredibly wet and cold this winter. I have some creative tasks to finish – one being a dress for Michaela (which I will show you if all turns out well) and some other sewing things. I am also learning my new software programme for my Graphic Design studies and thoroughly enjoying it. An update on my book – I finished the final edit and you won’t believe it – I never backed it up and my computer crashed – yes it’s true – I’m an idiot!! I haven’t lost everything – have the story but not the final edited copy which I changed and added quite a bit to. I have a friend working on my hard drive trying to retrieve my files for me so please pray that will be possible. If not then it’s back to editing again! Lesson learned – back up files always (which funnily enough I usually do!!).

So life is good – hope you’re having a marvellous day too.


One thought on “12 weeks…

  1. Andrew

    Thank you so much for sharing. It feels so good to drop here on this awesome blog and gather inspiration for weight loss and a beautiful marriage life and family. Congrats with your achievement! It’s not easy to juggle family and weight loss. Well, I am using a portion control supplement called Roca Labs, thinking this can help me with tight schedule. Thanks so much! I am more motivated and inspired to keep up with my average weight loss goal of 1 – 2 lbs a week. Congrats with your weight loss!


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