23 years, 16 houses,15 cars, 4 kids and 3 countries

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary – time goes really quickly but they have been wonderful years – I love my hubby more than ever. We had a lie in this morning as it is quite cold here now and then while the kids were all still sleeping we snuck out for a breakfast together. Talk about a feast!!

Hami bought me some flowers and they are really special as they are an Australian native bunch – special because they contain Proteas which are also a South African reminder for me as well as an aussie reminder. Now we are sitting in front of a warm fire and relaxing for the rest of the day. Seems the poor man has caught my cold so we are both coughing pitifully now – guess that’s the good and bad in marriage – germs get passed on too!!

I was reflecting back on our time together – we have had 23 years married, lived in 16 houses, had 15 cars (some a lot better than others), 4 amazing and beautiful kids we adore and lived in three countries – no one could accuse us of being boring and predictable.

Honestly I would not change one experience we have had – all the good and bad times have made us who we are, taught us a lot about ourselves and others and made us look at life differently. We are really blessed – we have each other and our kids and family across the world, real friends who have believed in us when others have given up on us and most importantly we have our faith. I cannot think of one other thing that would make me happier.

To my hubby – thank you for being a great husband over the years – for always considering me and loving me no matter what – and for being such a great dad to our kids – you’re the best – I love you.


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