Monday was a public holiday so we went out for some of the day. It was very misty in the morning, but after what seems like weeks of cold and rain, we needed to get out. Michaela needed some peace and quiet to study for her exams so we took the younger kids out to give her a couple of hours. I was  still feeling lousy but rugged myself up and off we went. There is a place called Birdsland not too far from where we stay that we have been wanting to explore.

This turned out to be a lovely walk. We walked around a couple of lakes and through the trees and enjoyed all the birds we saw along the way. The sun even broke through the mist eventually and it was amazing – no sun for so many weeks – I felt like I was in heaven!!

We saw a lot of water birds – there were the usual Swamphens and then also the Dusky Moorhen as well as the Eurasian coots. They were actually so friendly and came right up to us. Here is  a picture of the Dusky Moorhen.

The Eurasian Coot

There were so many cobwebs in the trees – it was beautiful with the sun shining on them.

A friendly passerby offered to take a family photo.

The most exciting thing we spotted was what we thought were owls, but then we discovered they were actually birds called Tawny Frogmouths. They are the most unusual looking bird I have ever seen and apparently they are not owls.

All in all it was a good day out – would love to go back when the weather is perfect!!

Exams are done and dusted, reports are submitted, I am on antibiotics to nail this chest infection and so all is looking up – two more weeks till the holidays – can’t wait!!


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