This week has been a crazy week in our household – still applying for jobs but battling a nasty cough and chest infection on top of it. Hami is trying to get exams marked and reports written so he is  feeling the pressure too. Michaela is studying as she writes exams next week and this is a very important time for her. It’s that kind of week where you wish time would just leap forward by a week or two. It has been a sad week for us too – on Wednesday a classmate of Ethans comitted suicide by jumping in front of a train at our local station. Ethan says she was depressed and that this wasn’t the first time she had tried. Today we heard a lovely lady at the church we went to in Auckland died from a year long battle with cancer. When we last saw her she was fine. All this makes me put things in perspective again. I may wish to jump ahead two weeks but actually we need to enjoy every second and moment of time we have – it goes all too fast. It also makes me realise that some things are not a big deal in life. Yes my son may frustrate me at times when he makes no effort at school, but actually that is the least of our worries – he is happy and even though he may be a bit unsocial at times, at least he is not rebellious, doing drugs, hanging with a bad crowd or suffering depression. Things could be a lot worse and we can be thankful that our kids are doing great. I have been feeling very sad for this young girl’s family. Fresh perspective is healthy – seeing things from a different view can be very helpful. This seems to be the recurring theme in our lives lately – seeing things differently – it’s very refreshing.

On the weekend we took the kids out to give Michaela some space to study – we went to a park and Zoe and Aaron had great fun. I love the way kids can  enjoy the simple things in life – even though the weather was miserable and it was cold – they had a ball.

We also got to see Lightning McQueen at the local shopping centre so Aaron was very excited.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Jodes

    Perspective is important, you’re right. Funny how things can jolt us back to reality and what’s important.


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