Star Wars Party

Today was Aaron’s 6th birthday party.  The theme was Star Wars as he is an absolute fanatic – he knows all the characters and everything you could imagine about it – crazy really. We had ten little Jedis running around the house because the weather has been foul the last two days – freezing and raining. It felt like the longest two and a half hours ever!!! Michaela was a champion – she rallied the troops and played games and kept some order.

The kids each got a makeshift lightsabre – a bubble stick so they could blow bubbles and then use them as their lightsabres. Michaela even enjoyed the bubble blowing.

We played pin the sabre on Yoda and Musical Han Solo Statues, The kids also watched some of the Lego Star Wars Movie.

Our food had a Star Wars theme too – as you can see below – we named all our snacks – we also had Cheesy Spaceballs (Cheese ball chips) and Padme’s Popcorn. The Yoda Soda was very popular.



The hit of the party though was definitely the birthday cake. This was a time consuming challenge but I am so glad that I did it because Aaron loved his cake. I discovered making icing sculptures is quite tricky to say the least, but well worth the effort.



There was Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2D2 and Darth Vader,


All in all it was a very good party enjoyed by all – and now I am going to sleep as I am one weary Mummy!!


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