18 Years Condensed in a Blog Scrapbook

Our beautiful Michaela turned eighteen this week – where has the time gone so quickly -it seems like the other day we were in the hospital and now she is a woman – dreaming her own dreams of uni, a career, a wedding one day and her own family. This post is a  scrapbook of her 18 years, her likes and loves. You are truly beautiful to us Michaela – we love you so much and wish that all your dreams come true!!

Pregnant at 34 weeks.

May 8 – Mothers Day 1994 – 9:01 am – the best Mothers Day gift a Mum could have – although I had to work damn hard for it!!

Born with very dark  hair that soon changed  as she grew into a very cute baby and toddler.

At five she demanded that she wanted to be baptised – and she got her own way – Dad and her children’s church teacher Fleur baptised her in the sea at Herolds Bay.

When Michaela was 6 she started ballet and took part in a ballet production of “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. She was a little ant in the production (yes a bit of artistic license if you are scratching your head trying to remember where ants feature in C.S. Lewis’ great novel!!). She was the smallest ant of the lot and did very well.

Michaela has always been very family-oriented – she loves all her family and has always had a very nurturing heart.

When her youngest brother Aaron was born, Michaela was like a second Mum to him – they are still very close.

Her Loves:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Chocolate
  • Reading
  • Everything to do with Paris (the man who wishes to marry her needs to start saving now for the honeymoon!!)
  • She loves getting new pyjamas for her birthday every year – it’s become a tradition she won’t let me escape
  • One of her best gifts ever is a tiara sent by someone special.
  • Babies
  • Did I mention Chocolate!!

She works so hard at school achieving outstanding results each year.

Her Dream for the future:

  • To study Nursing and Midwifery at University – did I mention that she  loves babies.

Her friends are very important to her and she is very loyal to them.

Besties in New Zealand

Besties in Melbourne!

Happy Birthday Michaela – with lots of love from your greatest fans, Mum, Dad and the family xxx


3 thoughts on “18 Years Condensed in a Blog Scrapbook

  1. Your Mom

    We are so proud of our beautiful Michaela – where have all the years gone?? We wish you all that you wish for yourself Minky – may all your dreams come to pass and may this coming year be the best ever. We love you – Gran and Grandpa xx


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